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BCR being part of the Australian Sydney Histpry - Building the Harbour_Bridge

The BCR Logistics Story

Serving Australia proud with freight forwarding and 3PL services.

Profitability, brand reputation and satisfied customers all matter in your industry. You need a reliable freight forwarding company, logistics and 3PL provider that supports your business goals and solves your challenges. With more than a century of expertise, BCR has the experience and global presence to take your supply chain to the next level. Simply put, we excel at transport and logistics.

Founded in 1892, BCR is still family run and owned, headquartered in Sydney. We’re a passionate logistics and 3PL provider that puts customers first. We create customised solutions that match your logistics needs and preferences, no matter your industry. We treat every account with utmost care.

BCR dedicated account advantage

You receive the highest possible level of service from the dedicated team of specialists at BCR. Our customer account management program was established to ensure customers receive the information and resources they need with these benefits:

  • Dedicated account team works together to solve your logistics and supply chain problems and challenges holistically
  • Proactive management of your account ensures on-time deliveries and comprehensive solutions
  • BCR internal systems, including IT, and processes represent industry best practices which reduce paperwork and increase your efficiencies
  • Keep abreast of Customs, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and 3PL news, changes, regulations and events affecting your industry via alerts, notifications, articles and industry ebooks
  • We draw on a global network of freight agents and logistics partners of more than 10,000 people at 300 locations in over 100 countries to bring you the best logistics solution.

Discover the distinct advantage of working with BCR for all your transportation, warehousing, Customs and 3PL needs.

BCR History and Timeline

1892Frank Cridland Pty Ltd starts providing local Sydney deliveries via horse and cart.
1902Cridland obtains Customs Agent licence number 31 under Customs Act 1901.
1928Cridland secures contract to carry steel lattice work for construction of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
1949One of the founding Directors of BCR, Ray Katte, starts career at Frank Cridland Pty Ltd.
1969Ray Katte leaves Frank Cridland and starts his own business, begins trading as R Katte Customs Agency Pty Ltd.
1985Frank Cridland Pty Ltd Customs Clearance division is purchased by R Katte Customs Agency Pty Ltd, starts trading as Frank Cridland Ray Katte Customs Agencies.
1994BCR Freight (Australia) Pty Ltd is founded.
1995Brisbane and Melbourne offices open.
1996Perth office opens.
2006BCR purchases Frank Cridland Ray Katte Customs Agencies and begins trading as BCR Australia Pty Ltd.
What Our Customers Say About Us
  • We have always enjoyed an open and honest communication style with direct access to all levels of management, including directors. We continue to enjoy good working relations based on trust and respect.

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