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Green begins with logistics

Nowhere is the potential to work toward a better environment more dramatic than in transportation. As a shipper, your organisation is likely going or thinking “green.” Together, all parties in the supply chain can practice green logistics with small steps like conservation of resources whether in the office or involving goods in transit.

At BCR, we are “Australia proud” as an environmentally focused logistics services provider. We act with initiative to reduce waste of every kind and strive for best practices in sustainability. We continuously assist our customers refine their purchasing methods and freight consolidations to improve efficiencies and lower environmental impact. We also educate BCR team members and sub-contractors in our environmental objectives which include:

In BCR offices

  • Fully established paper recycling program
  • Scanning and imaging of all documentation
  • Dual computer screens allow team members to work with digital documents rather than paper documents

With our partners and customers

  • EDI transfer of data
  • Actively encourage customers to use electronic communications, including invoicing, in preference to paper copies
  • Paperless Customs entries, all shipment documentation saved and available from our WebTracking system

Logistics and sea freight

  • Promote off-peak deliveries
  • Move capacity from road to rail as appropriate
  • Coastal shipping as a recognised, lower-emission transportation mode compared to road or rail

Facilities, terminals and warehouses

  • Forklifts that are 95 percent emission-free
  • Water tanks in depots

Trucking and over the road

  • GPS route planning
  • Off-peak delivery and truck size management (rigid options)
  • Efficient driving techniques and maintenance guides in manuals

We believe that by partnering with our customers, carriers and agents, we can achieve a brighter tomorrow by endeavouring toward sustainability every day. We invite you to share your “green logistics” stories with us at: sustainability [at] bcr [dot] com [dot] au.

What Our Customers Say About Us
  • Your continued commitment [...] is very much appreciated and the service and improvements you have delivered [...] have made a real contribution to the success of our business.

    SCA Hygiene Australasia Pty. Ltd.

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