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Coastal Shipping Schedule

The cost-effective alternative for domestic freight

Below is the current sailing schedule for our Coastal Shipping Service.
To make a booking, or if you have any questions about how our Coastal Shipping Service can reduce your domestic transport costs, please contact us.

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VesselETD BrisbaneETD SydneyETD MelbourneETD AdelaideETA Fremantle
CMA CGM CHOPIN 209N 230XNNANL31-Oct-1703-Nov-1705-Nov-1709-Nov-17
CMA CGM BELLINI 209N 232XNNANL07-Nov-1710-Nov-1712-Nov-1716-Nov-17
Wide Charlie07-Nov-1710-Nov-1713-Nov-1719-Nov-17
CMA CGM PUCCINI 210N 234XNNANL13-Nov-1716-Nov-1719-Nov-1722-Nov-17
MOL Guardian14-Nov-1717-Nov-1720-Nov-1726-Nov-17
CMA CGM STRAUSS 210N 236XNNANL21-Nov-1724-Nov-1726-Nov-1730-Nov-17
MDV Caixing21-Nov-1724-Nov-1727-Nov-1703-Dec-17
CMA CGM ROSSINI 210N 238XNNANL28-Nov-1701-Dec-1703-Dec-1707-Dec-17
Maersk Lome28-Nov-1701-Dec-1704-Dec-1710-Dec-17
CMA CGM CHOPIN 210N 240XNNANL05-Dec-1708-Dec-1710-Dec-1714-Dec-17
Christa Schulte05-Dec-1708-Dec-1711-Dec-1717-Dec-17
CMA CGM BELLINI 210N 242XNNANL12-Dec-1715-Dec-1717-Dec-1721-Dec-17
Conti Stockholm12-Dec-1715-Dec-1718-Dec-1724-Dec-17
CMA CGM PUCCINI 211N 244XNNANL18-Dec-1721-Dec-1724-Dec-1727-Dec-17
Maersk Tema19-Dec-1722-Dec-1725-Dec-1731-Dec-17
CMA CGM STRAUSS 211N 246XNNANL26-Dec-1729-Dec-1731-Dec-1704-Jan-18
MOL Genesis26-Dec-1729-Dec-1701-Jan-1807-Jan-18
CMA CGM ROSSINI 211N 248XNNANL02-Jan-1805-Jan-1807-Jan-1811-Jan-18
CMA CGM CHOPIN 211N 250XNNANL09-Jan-1812-Jan-1814-Jan-1818-Jan-18
CMA CGM BELLINI 211N 252XNNANL16-Jan-1819-Jan-1821-Jan-1825-Jan-18
CMA CGM PUCCINI 212N 254XNNANL22-Jan-1825-Jan-1828-Jan-1831-Jan-18
CMA CGM STRAUSS 212N 256XNNANL30-Jan-1802-Feb-1804-Feb-1808-Feb-18
CMA CGM ROSSINI 212N 258XNNANL06-Feb-1809-Feb-1811-Feb-1815-Feb-18

VesselETD MelbourneETD SydneyETA Brisbane
OOCL CHICAGO 044N 108AJNANL11-Nov-1714-Nov-17
COSCO FELIXSTOWE 129N 112AJNANL21-Nov-1725-Nov-17
COSCO ROTTERDAM 125N 116AJNANL05-Dec-1709-Dec-17
SM MUMBAI 087N 118AKNANL20-Dec-1725-Dec-17
COSCO ROTTERDAM 126N 126AJNANL09-Jan-1713-Jan-17
BEIJING BRIDGE 088N 128AKNANL24-Jan-1729-Jan-17
ANL GEELONG 089N 132AKNANL07-Feb-1712-Feb-17
OOCL CHICAGO 047N 138AJNANL20-Feb-1724-Feb-17

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