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Vuly Trampolines Australia


Peak season for Vuly gets added bounce with 3PL in Perth

Vuly are a true blue Australian success story, with a range of award-winning and innovative springless, competition-quality trampolines for consumers in Australia and around the world. The company is based in Brisbane and distributes its range of trampolines and accessories both through retailers and via on-line direct sales to Australian buyers and to buyers in Europe, the USA, Canada and Saudi Arabia. Vuly also has strong links with the competitive sporting community and active engagement with professional trampoline athletes up to Olympic level.

Saving on costs and achieving efficiencies benefits both customers and the company

Since engaging BCR as its 3PL partner for warehousing and the facilitation of outbound freight consignments in Perth Western Australia, Vuly has been able to rapidly scale up and down volumes in response to the three month peak pre-Christmas sales season for its products. It has also achieved savings on freight to Western Australian customers that it has been able to pass on to both resellers and direct buyers, improving customer relationships and market competitiveness.

  • BCR provides 3PL warehousing at its own facility in Perth, receiving containers, managing inventory and providing outbound product oversight
  • The flexibility BCR demonstrates has enabled Vuly to extend the sales period closer to Christmas for Western Australian customers
  • Having one point of contact and BCR’s commitment to partnering with customers has given Vuly confidence and reassurance

The challenge

Vuly had been handling all of its national warehousing and distribution from its facility at the company’s headquarters in Brisbane. This put a strain on the facility, particularly in peak season leading up to Christmas. It also imposed a cost of over $800 for a 200 kg trampoline to be freighted to Western Australia. The decision was made to engage a 3PL provider in Perth, however, the provider was costly and did not provide the level of customised service and flexibility the company needed.

Vuly Operations Manager Michael Anders said that when a company is smaller, like Vuly, a major 3PL provider does not always engage in meeting their specific needs.

“Other companies can forget they are working for us,” Mr Anders said.

The solution

Vuly had been in discussions with BCR about 3PL warehousing in Brisbane, and a decision was made to engage them as the 3PL warehousing and freight handling provider in Perth Western Australia.
Mr Anders said one of the main reasons Vuly chose BCR as a 3PL provider was its ability to scale up or down in response to the seasonal sales trends Vuly experiences. As 80 per cent of the company’s revenue is earned in the 12 week period leading up to Christmas, this combined with BCR’s cost-effectiveness made engaging BCR a sound choice for 3PL warehousing in Perth.

“We felt comfortable BCR could cater for our 3PL warehousing needs in Perth,” Vuly Warehouse Manager Isaac Jones said. He said that unlike many 3PL providers, BCR was prepared to meet Vuly in the middle ground, accommodate its needs and customise the solution.

“We are a seasonal business, and our needs are forever changing,” Mr Jones said.

Partnering with 3PL provider and international freight forwarding company BCR has also allowed Vuly to reduce freight costs for Western Australian direct and retailer customers, and pass those savings on. In addition, the window of opportunity for making sales can now extend right up until the doorstep of Christmas, Mr Anders said. This improves the company’s revenue.

The flexible approach of BCR also means that when there is a large order coming in on a Saturday that needs to be unpacked for a Monday morning pickup, for example, BCR will scale up warehousing staffing to ensure the job is done. It has also been willing to ensure direct customers can make pickups at times convenient to them, all of which brings Vuly closer to its customers.

“We go above and beyond for our customers, and BCR has shown they do the same for us,” Mr Anders said.

BCR has worked closely with Vuly’s IT staff to ensure the appropriate software has been implemented for stock control, and also that the process of wrapping goods for despatch meets their standards. The warehouse is achieving 99.87 per cent stock take accuracy, and an order fulfilment rate of above 99 per cent.

A partnership that brings customers closer and improves results

Vuly’s previous 3PL provider in Perth charged extra for an “account champion” that could act as a single point of contact. Since partnering with BCR, a single point of contact is standard, and the company deals direct with the warehouse manager in Perth, someone who handles the company’s product every day.

“Having one point of contact has really helped us,” Vuly Logistics Coordinator Chelsea Richards said. “It’s very beneficial to have that on-site contact.”

Overall, BCR’s solutions have enabled Vuly to deliver to customers in Western Australia in full, on time, more often. That has meant more satisfied direct customers and retailers, and has also enabled its business to generate more revenue.

“The flexibility BCR offers and its ability to adapt to its customers is one of the major positives of the working relationship,” Mr Jones said. “I would recommend the BCR service to other companies, particularly where they have specific needs.”

“It is really good to have a partner that is versatile,” Mr Jones said.


Partnering with 3PL provider and international freight forwarding company BCR has allowed Vuly to reduce freight forwarding costs to Western Australian direct and retailer customers and extend the holiday sales period right up until the doorstep of Christmas.

Company: Vuly
Industry: Consumer and Retail
Situation: Need for 3PL provider that understood the needs and seasonality of Vuly and could customise a solution that delivered improved results
Services provided: 3PL warehousing in Perth and outbound product oversight
Result: Order fulfilment rate of above 99 per cent with 99.87 percent stock take accuracy, reduced freight costs to Perth for direct and retail customers, a longer sales window for Christmas sales
Key innovation: One point of contact in Perth and a flexible approach to 3PL warehousing allows Vuly to scale up and down volumes as required