International Freight Forwarding - German Bundestag in Berlin with German flags
International Freight Forwarding - German Bundestag in Berlin with German flags

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Are you coordinating shipments from Germany to Australia, or Australia to Germany? Do you require freight expertise to manage your shipments so you can focus on your core business? Or do you require logistics support as your team cannot handle the increased volume of freight from or to Germany? No matter if you’re an importer or exporter an international freight forwarder provides this expertise. Freight forwarders, like BCR, use their expertise to allow exporters and importers to meet their customers’ demands with ease. BCR can manage seamlessly the transport of less than a container load (LCL) or full container loads (FCL) via sea freight or air freight. In addition, BCR offers freight consolidation services for businesses that ship numerous small shipments.

BCR offers freight forwarding services between Germany and Australia including air freight forwarding and sea freight forwarding.


German global trade

Germany is an ‘export powerhouse’. So much so, the country’s exports account for 50 percent of its total economic output. Annually, Germany exports goods and services valued at over $1.2 trillion, which makes it the world’s third largest exporter.

The merchandise mark “Made in Germany” is one of the most credible and trustworthy marks in the world.

Germany is the EU’s leading economy and the fourth largest in the world. The country’s strong economy is supported by its many natural resources including timber, iron ore, potash, salt, minerals and natural gas.


Germany to Australia trade

Annual trade between Germany and Australia is over $16 billion. The two countries enjoy warm relations making Germany an ideal country for Australian import businesses to source high-value product.


Imports from Germany to Australia

Major imports from Germany include:


Australian exports to Germany

Australian exports to Germany include:

  • Gold and other precious minerals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Coal


German business hubs and common exports

Germany has a strong industrial and manufacturing sector. It is one of the world’s largest exporters of cars, but it also produces high-quality electrical equipment, high-tech products, measuring and analytical equipment, clothing and medicines.

The main manufacturing cities are Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart and the Ruhr district. In the east, there is also significant manufacturing in Leipzig, Dresden, Halle and Chemnitz.

BCR works with businesses to ensure product made in these manufacturing cities arrives at port and on to its final destination. We do this by offering end-to-end services to move your freight, clear it through customs so it arrives when expected.


Major ports in Germany

Due to its geography Germany has developed an extensive and high-quality road and rail infrastructure that ensures the efficient movement of product from factory to export. The major German seaports servicing manufacturing are Hamburg and Bremerhaven. Smaller shipping ports that support industry are found along the coast of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea but also along major rivers like the Rhine, Elbe and the Dortmund-Ems Canal. The busiest airports can be found in Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.

Cargo ships and aircraft depart Germany destined for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth on a regular basis.


Freight forwarding from Germany to Australia with BCR

BCR’s freight forwarding services between Germany and Australia include:

The freight experts at BCR will take care of your cargo coming from Germany destined for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or other cities in Australia.

No matter if LCL or FCL shipments, BCR offers consolidation and multiple carrier options to ensure cargo is received when it’s needed.

Additional BCR services:

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