International Freight Forwarding - Hamburg industrial sea port - Landungsbruecke
International Freight Forwarding - Hamburg industrial sea port - Landungsbruecke

Freight Forwarding Services Hamburg Australia

Are you shipping from Hamburg to Australia? Do you ship products from Hamburg to Australia? Do you want to make your shipments more efficient? BCR is a freight forwarder who provides the answers to all those questions. BCR makes your shipping needs efficient by tapping into their international network and services. With 125 years of experience in providing sea freight and air freight services we create a reliable supply chain for our business customers. We specialise in full container loads (FCL) or can consolidate less than a container loads (LCL) for cost-effective shipping.

BCR offers freight forwarding services between Hamburg and Australia including air freight forwarding and sea freight forwarding.


Hamburg’s economy and its long history

Hamburg’s long industrial history has created the international trading and manufacturing hub we see today. This trade is facilitated by the city’s sea port, which is one of the world’s largest and forms a vital trade link between Germany and Australia.

The city’s strong workforce and efficient supply chains are just some factors that have made it an ideal location for Australian importers to source high tech and high quality manufacturing. Located in the north of Germany the Hamburg port is on the river Elbe which enters the North Sea. Because of its strategic location it has been Central Europe’s main port, which has had a great impact on Hamburg’s economy.


Transport infrastructure in Hamburg

The port of Hamburg is modern and leads the world in terms of technology. The port is Europe’s third largest sea port with a capacity of 12 million TEU1. It also serves as a shipping hub connecting to major markets across Europe, the USA, Asia and into Oceania.

The international airport in Hamburg is also a major European freight hub. The city’s network of roads and rail draw air cargo from Hamburg and neighbouring regions into a modern and efficient freight facility.

Hamburg’s modern port, airport and supply chains make for fast and efficient shipping from factory to the export market and the other way around.

For years BCR has provided end-to-end supply chain solutions for its business customers. This ensures the efficient and timely shipment of goods from Hamburg to Australia.
International cargo ships regularly from Hamburg to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


Goods imported from Hamburg to Australia

Hamburg’s and Germany’s factories supply the world with:

  • Cars and auto parts
  • Measuring equipment
  • Writing instruments
  • Paper
  • High-tech and electrical products
  • Power tools

BCR works with businesses to ensure their product is delivered reliably and efficiently.


Goods exported to Hamburg from Australia

Hamburg imports from Australia include:

  • Gold
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Coal

BCR business customers can rely on the company’s end-to-end supply chain solutions to move product from the source to the Hamburg factory.


Freight forwarding from Hamburg to Australia with BCR

BCR offers air freight forwarding and sea freight forwarding services between Hamburg and Australia.

The sea freight and air freight logistics experts at BCR get your international freight moving from Hamburg to Australian locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and more.

We understand that based on season and other influences the quantity of goods you need fluctuates. You may need to import or export many LCLs or numerous FCL shipments. BCR offers consolidation and multiple carrier options to ensure cargo is received when it’s needed.

Additional BCR services:

1 Source: Port of Hamburg 21 July 2017

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