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Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) Consulting Services for Importers and Exporters

Do you import regular volumes freight to Australia or frequently export to other countries? Would you like to receive a more seamless trading experience and reduce your customs regulatory burden when exporting to foreign markets? Are you interested in duty deferral and streamlined reporting? BCR is an accredited Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) that provides specialist consulting services to assist importers and exporters with the ATT accreditation process.

Australian Trusted Trader is a voluntary trade facilitation initiative that recognises businesses in Australia with a secure supply chain and compliant trade practices. ATT rewards accredited businesses with a range of trade facilitation benefits. Australian Trusted Trader brings Australia in line with major international trading partners, joining over 70 countries with similar Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) programmes.

Australian Trusted Trader Programme Benefits

The ATT Programme provides businesses that participate with many benefits, including:

  • A dedicated Account Manager who will be the point of contact between the importer/exporter and Border Force.
  • Priority service when requesting advanced rulings on tariffs, valuation and country of origin.
  • Differentiated examinations of shipments coming into Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and other parts of Australia as the accredited ATT business will be considered low risk.
  • Mutual recognition arrangements with key trading partners around the world. These mutual recognition agreements will enable Australian Trusted Traders to access trade facilitation benefits of the reciprocal trading partners, which will reduce the customs regulatory burden for Australian exporters entering foreign markets.

Future benefits of an ATT accreditation will save time and money:

  • Deferral of duty payments on imported goods for a set period of time.
  • Streamlined reporting arrangements to reduce the administrative burden involved in importing and exporting goods.

Why are Australian importers and exporters becoming ATT accredited?

Watch the below case study to learn more about why importers are becoming accredited.

Watch the below case study to learn more about why exporters are becoming accredited.

BCR Australian Trusted Trader Consulting Services

BCR is an accredited Australian Trusted Trader and has been involved with the Programme since the beginning. Our knowledge and experience will support you through the process of becoming ATT accredited. Benefits of working with BCR as your ATT consultant include:

  • Specialist and in depth knowledge of existing ISO certifications, SAFE Framework and Risk Management Compendium and where/how to leverage, and apply to existing compliance programs and audits to reduce cost and complexity.
  • Specialist and in depth knowledge of risk, governance, data management and IT security, internal controls, policy and procedure suites.
  • Working with a service provider who is ATT accredited across freight forwarding, customs and 3PL and has gone through the verification process.
  • Based on our accreditation, we can work with your business and Australian Border Force to speed up the process of ATT accreditation.
  • One consulting organisation that works across the same industry horizontal (freight forwarding, Customs and 3PL) to offer suggestions for collaboration, improvement and streamlining of operations ability for BCR to work with you to leverage program benefits for importers and exporters as they come online.
  • Comprehensive assistance with the application process, technical assistance and auditing capabilities.

Learn more about BCR and ATT accreditation by watching the below video:

Are you thinking of becoming an Australian Trusted Trader? Contact BCR for a confidential conversation on how we support importers and exporters through the process of becoming an accredited ATT.

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