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Customs Brokerage & Clearance at BCR

Customs Broker/Customs Clearance

As an Australian shipper, do you experience delivery delays with your current customer brokerage involving the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR)?

You may be uncertain if your current Customs Broker is looking after your needs to reduce duty payments by integrating existing and new tariff concession orders or by requesting documentation when preferential duty rates apply.

BCR Customs Broker experts

At BCR, our expert Customs Brokers ensure the highest level of compliance is achieved with your customs and quarantine needs. Our services include lodgement of import declaration prior to arrival and thorough pre-lodgement checks of shipment documentation with the DIBP and DAWR (formerly Department of Agriculture). BCR Customs Brokers’ check import declaration data twice for accuracy and compliance with legislative requirements.

BCR Customs Brokers make continual review of the available resources and avenues to reduce your duty payable. Our services include:

  • Electronic customs clearance formalities
  • Full customs consultancy service
  • Lodgement of import declarations with DIBP
  • Quarantine advice, appraisal and attendance at hearings involving DAWR and the import permit application process
  • Shipment monitoring and status reports
  • Landed into-store costing facilities
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) for duty payments
  • EDI and electronic interconnection with ABF via the Interactive Cargo System (ICS)
What Our Customers Say About Us
  • Clearance and delivery in Sydney occurred in record time which allowed us to deliver and invoice the order within this month. Our thanks to all concerned.

    Atlas Steels (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

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