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Compliance/Data Integrity Review

If you are an Australian company that imports or exports, you have to deal with Customs issues. Significant costs are at stake if you do not stay abreast of Australian Border Force (ABF) rules and regulations. Even if you use a licensed customs broker, the legal responsibility for the accuracy of information supplied to Customs rests with your company. You need qualified staff to review complex information and to ensure Customs declarations are current with legislative requirements.

Customs compliance with BCR

The Customs experts at BCR can assist with all your Customs-related needs including critical compliance and data integrity reviews on dutiable imports. Did you know that importers who currently pay import duty may be entitled to a duty refund if substitutable products are not manufactured in Australia?

As an importer or exporter, you may need these solutions:

Custom audit

  • Our expert Customs consultants will conduct a thorough review, including discovery within our internal review system to examine the accuracy of lodged declarations.
  • This service is particularly beneficial prior to a Customs audit, when you can provide us with any pertinent information that could be viewed favourably by Customs.

Compliance review

BCR customs-tariff capabilities include:

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