man barcode scanner
man barcode scanner

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Do you need to increase efficiencies in your Australian warehouses or beyond? Do you need to reduce losses from product damage, pilferage and inventory inaccuracies? You may find it difficult to strike the best compromise between stock-outs (cost of lost sales) versus too much inventory that ties up your capital. If you get customer complaints about shipment errors or your warehouse employees are working overtime to keep up, you may need a better WMS.

BCR warehouse solution

The BCR WMS manages and tracks all activities related to the warehouse, including inbound, stock-keeping and outbound. We offer complete visibility into the warehouse status of your cargo from stock on hand and committed stock to available stock. Allow the WMS to automate the flow of all materials (material handling) and information involving the movement of these goods across multiple sites in your supply chain.

With our advanced WMS solution you receive:

  • Real-time, 24/7 web-based access to real-time information on inventory balances and stock transactions
  • Automated replenishment for reorders based on minimum stock levels by SKU
  • Analysis of fast- to slow-moving items that define the ideal storage location to reduce travel distances

BCR WMS functionalities include:

  • Vast configuration possibilities and high degree of personalisation
  • Superb user friendliness and user effectiveness through colour-coded dashboards
  • Embedded analytics and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Swift and accurate warehouse operation supported by radio frequency (RF) technology for real-time updates
  • State-of-the-art IT systems and architecture
  • Automated upload and download of stock information and status updates
  • Full seamless electronic integration with other supply chain systems
  • RF handheld devices on BCR’s delivery trucks provide proof of deliveries (PODs)

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  • Clearance and delivery in Sydney occurred in record time which allowed us to deliver and invoice the order within this month. Our thanks to all concerned.

    Atlas Steels (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

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