factory foreman with worker at computer
factory foreman with worker at computer

Supplier Management

Managing offshore suppliers is difficult at best given cultural barriers and time differences. Worse, lack of information flows with overseas suppliers and communication problems make it difficult to measure performance and stay up to date. You may lack visibility into purchase orders (POs) and shipments to know which PO has been filled versus partial, short shipments. Traceability of cargoes is problematic because you can’t reconcile shipments to POs.

BCR knows suppliers

Leave those problems behind with BCR expertise in managing customer’s suppliers and supply chains. We bridge geographic and cultural gaps through our global network partners who act as a liaison with suppliers. We manage your supplier orders and measure supplier performance, all on your behalf, providing these critical services:

  • Streamling information flows through our warehouse management and order management capabilities
  • Set up key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor vendor compliance, report statuses and milestones that fall out of expectation

Additional capabilities:

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  • The service has been friendly, efficient, timely and most of all has met the demanding cost pressure needed to remain competitive in today’s business world.

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