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https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/bcr/custom_images/2018/12/13055326/freight_forwarders_sydney_Feight_Forwarding__Transportation_BCR_333.jpgFinding the right freight forwarder can be difficult. Every company has individual requirements and needs, and not all of the Australian freight forwarders can handle them. Whilst overall a supply chain consists more or less of similar parts, the devil is in the detail. Different companies have different preferences and specifications which lead to choosing different service providers.

Find out the top 10 signs that you have found the right freight forwarder in Sydney.


10 signs that you have the right freight forwarder Sydney


1)They are reliable and you can count on them

First and most of all reliability is the name of the game. When the forwarder confirms when your shipment will arrive, you want delivery at that time, not one day later. Time matters, especially in your industry and with your customers, so it is crucial that you know you can rely on your freight forwarder’s word.

2) You trust them to act in your best interest

Have you ever had the feeling of being ripped off? Like if you handover your broken computer to a specialist because of a tiny problem and instead of them being honest that it is just a small problem, they keep it for days and you up with a massive bill while also feeling totally deceived? For a long-term freight forwarder relationship to work, you need to have trust in them. You should feel you can believe what they say and that they are interested in your success so you can have peace of mind and focus on other work challenges.

3) They are informed on your individual requirements and needs

There is no other business exactly like yours. Different industries have different requirements and everybody has different pain points. An ideal freight forwarder keeps in tune with their customers’ evolving needs so they can deliver the services and expertise you need, when you need them and add value to their customers supply chain. Even though it adds time and costs to learn about a customer and their individual demands, it pays off in the long run – for both parties. Knowing about a business’ buying cycles, products, suppliers, customers and selling arrangements informs them on your needs. Being informed on exactly what you need, they can customise to match these needs. This can be as simple as your preferences for deliveries and invoicing, or as complex a data feeds into your ERP system. Either way, your freight forwarder should know your business and needs.

4) Solutions are presented to you, not just problems

Problems always happen, but rather than pointing out the obvious, you want to be informed about the problem and simultaneously be presented a solution. Sometimes it is just that quick telephone call from them that will solve the matter for you, or maybe a full supply chain review is required. Whichever one, they should be proactive with solutions.

5) You have a dedicated customer service team

If you have a question, you do not want to explain your situation from the beginning to a new contact person every time you call. An ideal customer/freight forwarder relationship can form the basis of a trusted business partnership. One part of forming this relationship is by working with a team that you know and that knows you and your business. By working with a dedicated team, you can feel more comfortable sharing information and ask questions. Even though your company may not be the largest company in your industry, you deserve to work with a dedicated team.

6. They provide fair and honest pricing

Cheaper is not always better and expensive is not always the best. Ideally your freight forwarder understands your requirements and does not price gouge. They should be sharing market information with you so you understand where freight prices are and they should provide you with price and schedule options so that you can choose the solution you need.

7) They offer a comprehensive suite of services and can be a one-stop-shop

So you got a customs broker for your importing sorted, but what about the delivery? Or the pickup at origin? Do you sometimes need to move dangerous goods? A freight forwarder that handles part of the logistics solutions chain can save you heaps of time by assisting with a variety of services and a well-established team, no matter if:

  • land, sea, or air
  • domestic or international
  • import or export
  • dangerous and non-dangerous goods
  • time sensitive
  • pickup or delivery
  • customs brokerage
  • warehousing and value-added-services

8) The company is established and they have more experience than you

Your company has experience in what it does and industry knowledge, which contributes to why you are successful. Your freight forwarder should be the same. By working with an established and experienced freight forwarder, you are more likely to receive better quality information on how problems can been solved and you can have confidence that they have done it before.

9. They keep you informed with what you need to know

In today’s world, everyone is busy. Providing the right amount of information and not wasting the customers’ time is more important than ever. You only need to know what is necessary for your business so you can make decisions and answer questions from your business colleagues and boss. So your ideal freight forwarder filters relevant information from irrelevant and does not flood you with everything that is out there. That is their job.

10. Software that makes your job easier

Companies need access to information. The ideal freight forwarder should provide you with access to 24/7 information on your shipments. This type of software gives you the chance to check the status of your freight anytime, anywhere. All your documents and invoices can be accessed and printed and this access can assist you to inform your boss or colleagues. Ideally your freight forwarder’s software can be integrated with your company’s software. This reduces time at your end, because you can see all data in one place.

By using these 10 signs, you can determine if you are indeed working with the right freight forwarder, no matter if in Sydney, Melbourne or any other place in the world. But maybe this list also assists you to find out that you are with the wrong one. If so, then we want to congratulate you and are happy that you can take this information to find the right freight forwarder that matches your needs.

BCR – an Australian Freight Forwarder in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth since 1892

Being in business since 1892, BCR has an in-depth knowledge of the freight forwarding industry. The company started as a freight forwarder and customs broker in Sydney and later expanded to the 3 other major cities in Australia; Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. The company headquarters is located in Alexandria, one of Sydney’s most flourishing suburbs which is only minutes away from Botany Bay (Sydney port) and the Sydney airport.

For more than a century, BCR has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics solution with warehousing and transportation, including air freight and sea freight services to and from the major ports including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).