Ocean freights are one of the best ways to ship products across the world, to distribute your items to your consumers globally. Businesses across the world have utilized this method of distribution for centuries now, and it has become one of the best ways to tap into consumer markets internationally. Our waters cover almost the entire planet, which makes it the best medium for transportation of items on Earth. As such, businesses which are looking to get into international markets would be foolish not to utilize this time tested method of distribution. It is a fair question as to why a business should consider shipping distribution over the other methods of transportation: air, road and rail. Ocean freights can bring a huge number of benefits in comparison to other methods of distribution, and these benefits can be highly advantageous to a business compared to other methods.

If you are a business looking at different distribution methods, and want to know why you should consider ocean freights, read on.


Using ocean freights is one of the most economic ways to ship products. The price of ocean freights is very competitive when compared to other methods of transportation. Long distance transportation is perfect for anyone looking to reach global markets, and long distance rates are typically economical, making them the best choice for a business. Using shipping across the water is usually touted as the cheapest option for international distribution, and the best choice when it comes to what you get for your buck. For any business, driving cost savings is a priority. When it comes to distribution, this is the best cost savings option for your business to drive cost savings.

Efficient Transportation

Shipping your products across the world is something that needs to be done efficiently. You need a carrier that can take on your products and move them within a reasonable time frame. For most shipping companies, their ocean freights should be able to accommodate your products, regardless of the size of the shipment. Typically, smaller shipments are combined with others to make the container efficiently packed. This way, more can be moved per ship. Ocean freights are considered the most efficient way to move products across the world, and are the best choice for businesses looking to do so. As such, they are usually the most popular choice looking to penetrate these markets and ship products globally.


No matter the product, ocean freights are designed to be able to carry any type of item. Some items may be unstable or dangerous to carry across air or land. With ocean freights, the ride is smooth and does not involve lots of rapid movements. Because of this, it is one of the best choices to move any items which may be considered dangerous or unsafe, especially on other transportation methods. Additionally, the crew on these ships are well trained in carrying these types of items, and will know how to handle items which need to be handled with care. They will have safety guidelines to follow which are adhered to strictly. This ensures that any items that are deemed dangerous or unsafe will be able to be transported safely.

In summary, ocean freights are an immensely useful form of distribution for businesses looking to ship their products internationally.

Here at BCR, we understand the importance of ocean freights and how they can be used for businesses. As such, our professional experience within our team can help to provide you with guidance as to how to approach shipping distribution. Let us do the hard work, while you focus on your business.