Every business that sells products to their consumers will need to go through the often complex process that is distribution. Distribution involves a number of processes which can be overwhelming for the newcomer, and it is a much better choice to engage with a licensed customs broker. Licensed customs brokers are professionals with significant expertise and experience in maneuvering through the processes involved in distribution. They will be able to take a business operation, understand it and apply it to the distribution process. They will be able to get all the right documentation and guide the business through the process of distributing their products to consumers across the country and world. They are skilled masters at understanding the laws, rules and regulations that come with the territory, and ensure your business complies with them all. In doing so, your distribution will be smooth sailing and you can rest assured that your customers will receive your products on time.

Here are 3 reasons why you should engage with licensed customs brokers for your business.

Experts on the complex parts of importing and exporting

Importing and exporting in Australia has many rules and regulations, partly due to the strict border laws in place within the country. These are always updating and changing, as is the nature of bureaucratic laws. Licensed customs brokers are skilled professionals who constantly stay up to date with new rules and regulations and any changes and will be able to apply this to your business. This way, they ensure that your business importing and exporting is in line with the law, and you will not be receiving any fines or other penalties. For a business owner, you may have a lot on your plate already, a licensed customs broker on your side will make sure that the distribution side of things is taken care of, and you will not run into any legal issues.

Ensure fast release of cargo

Because of the many rules and regulations in place in Australia, the releasing of cargo can often be a lengthy process. There is a lot of documentation and red tape that must be considered before it can be released, and this can become overwhelming and frustrating. With a licensed customs broker, you can cut through the red tape and fast track the release of your cargo, ensuring your customers receive their products on time. A licensed customs broker will be able to understand the process and guide you through all the documentation and other aspects which often slow people down. This way, your product goes out fast and your customers stay satisfied.

Help you ensure you pay the right amount

When you are calculating your Duties Payable, it is essential you use the correct tariff code and calculate the right amount, or you may end up paying more than what you need to. With a licensed customs broker, you are able to ensure that this is done, as they are skilled experts who have done this a million times before. A licensed customs broker will know which tariff code to use, and how to calculate the right amount. It is best to leave these calculations to professionals, so you do not pay more than what you need to.

Here at BCR, our team provides a licensed customs broker for your business to ensure that distribution is handled. With a licensed customs broker from BCR, you can rest easy knowing that all documentation, payments and compliances are handled by skilled professionals who know what they are doing.

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