Creating more market opportunities begins with identifying potential markets, customers and their unmet needs. Once market opportunities are identified, a strong supply chain service network is required to deliver products flawlessly. New methods are being innovated and introduced rapidly in the field of supply chain management that improve efficiency and productivity. For fast growth, businesses must be able to identify and implement these supply chain methods before their competitors do.

To assist in creating more market opportunities, 3PL providers in Australia offer services to assist with perfect order fulfillment and economic delivery, while offering access to modern information technology (IT) and a proven global network. Leading business managers in Australia know that in-house management of these services can be expensive and require additional time and energy. Alternatively, collaborating with an efficient 3PL provider in Australia allows business managers to focus on their core competency and spend more time and energy creating more market opportunities.

Read on to know how the services provided by a 3PL provider can assist you to create more market opportunities.

Perfect order fulfillment is the key

Globalisation has changed the expectations of the market. Consumers expect the products they want to be available now. Moreover, many alternatives are now available to fulfill consumers’ requirements. Thus, availability of your product at the right time, at the right place, in the right condition, at the right price and in the right quantity is a requirement to meet the demands of many customers. Seasoned 3PL providers in Sydney and Brisbane keep track of your inventory as it moves in the supply chain pipeline and designs an efficient solution to replenish the products so that they are available when your customers need them. This higher availability with robust supply chain support gives you the confidence to venture into more products and markets thus creating more market opportunities for you and your business.

Economic deliveries

Logistics and freight forwarding costs contribute a major share of the selling price of the product. Lower logistics and freight forwarding costs lead to a more competitive product price. Businesses in Australia have choices of either in-house management of logistics and freight forwarding or the option to collaborate with an efficient service provider. Being a non-logistics company, fulfilling all the logistics solutions and freight forwarding requirements economically by in-house management can be challenging. Logistics services such as air freight services, sea freight services, distribution, and warehousing should be managed economically to keep costs down. In-house management of all these services can be quite expensive with less efficiency. Collaborating with providers of 3PL can reduce logistics costs and provide better management, both of which can increase product demand by more economical pricing.

Modern information technology (IT)

Increased market opportunities require a higher order fulfillment rate, which is an outcome of fast and flawless receiving, picking, packing and shipping processes. For fast and efficient order fulfillment, all these processes should be aligned and be performed flawlessly. Manually operated warehouse processes have their own limitations and make it more difficult to handle a certain level of scale and accuracy. IT tools such as barcodes, WMS and various tracking tools play a vital role in managing highly efficient and errorless operations today’s highly competitive markets. These modern IT products come with a high price. Investing in these IT products as an individual business may not be the best decision. Alignment with a 3PL provider in Australia will provide you with access to this technology with more affordable monthly operating charges. Making this technology available, as part of operations, 3PL providers free-up your capital and provide an opportunity to invest that capital and create more market opportunities.

Global network

At a certain point of time, every market reaches to its saturation point in terms of demand, customer choice and market trend. To continue growing, businesses have to look for other cities, countries and continents. Prior to entering a new market, it is necessary that businesses improve their capability to perform timely, economic and damage free delivery of their product. This requires creating a global network in the new market. Supply chain managers in Australia know that this network is readily available with an international freight forwarding company such as BCR. Customers can immediately access a freight forwarder’s global network to enter the new market and hence create more market opportunities without needing to invest considerable money and time in creating this network themselves.

The market is full of opportunities. It requires efficient skills and management systems to capitalize on these opportunities. Launching a new product, starting operations in a new region, catering to peaks and troughs, flawless replenishment or achieving a desired customer service level requires an efficient supply chain network as well as seasoned management. Undoubtedly, in-house supply chain management is an option. However, this option comes at a high cost and reduces flexibility and speed, especially when you are looking to expand and create more market opportunities. On the other hand, 3PL providers offer ready to use, efficient and economic supply chain services. Alignment with an efficient 3PL provider such as BCR can boost up your business and give you the confidence to create more market opportunities by delivering products to any part of the world within committed timeframe.

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