Third-party logistics providers manage logistics including 3PL warehousing and freight forwarding for their customers and add value to their experience and knowledge. However, many business managers are less informed when it comes to the full suite of service offerings from 3PL providers. This means that they are either hesitate in collaborating with third-party logistics providers or do not gain the maximum value from the 3PL relationship. There are many little-known facts about what full-service 3PL providers offer. Some of these include having a ready to go experienced workforce, having an organised culture forced on delivering for business customers, having a global presence and providing customers with the latest technologies, advanced infrastructure, value-added services and being a one-stop shop. Knowing these facts can assist you in your outsourcing decision and provide better alignment with your third-party logistics providers.

Read on to learn 4 little-known facts about 3PL providers that can benefit your business.

1) Expand internationally with 3PL providers

The management of international logistics including 3PL warehousing and freight forwarding is a critical task and requires knowledge, resources and experience. International logistics requires efficient management of freight forwarding, customs, duties and government rules and regulations. For an individual business manager, management of all these factors is very challenging. Mismanagement of these factors will detain shipments and ultimately make your customer unhappy. Third-party logistics solutions providers have the required international freight forwarding and customs knowledge and experience along with a strong international network that saves time, money, and resources.

2) Improved transportation services with third-party logistics

Many business owners in Australia know that 3PL logistics providers provide safe transportation services. However, along with safe transportation, 3PL providers also assist with cost-effective transportation, space utilization, stacking, documentation, tracking and tracing. These little-known services are part of the value that 3PL providers can bring to your business.

3) Receive value-added services with 3PL logistics

The days are long gone when warehouses were only used for storage purposes. Modern warehouses and fulfillment centres established by 3PL providers act as an independent factory. Many operations including kitting, packing, repacking, sorting, palletisation and quality control are performed inside a modern warehouse. Outsourcing warehousing to third-party logistics providers that can provide value-added services will save your business time, cost and efforts.

4) Long-term saving with 3PL providers

Managing your end-to-end supply chain along with your core business requires additional infrastructure, skills and workforce, which requires a large capital investment. Outsourcing it to third-party providers saves your working capital and breaks down a large investment into small monthly charges. Along with your business, 3PL logistics providers cater for many other businesses as well. This gives them scale to negotiate better with freight lines and other service providers to get better rates and better services. These benefits are passed on to the customers of the 3PL. In addition, companies that provide a precise forecast can assist 3PL logistics providers with inventory optimization and reduce their own in inventory holding cost. This assists the customer to save money in long-term.

A 3PL logistics provider delivers high-end logistics services with the latest information technologies, infrastructure, equipment, and facilities. Third-party logistics providers stay current with the market and provide customised solutions. Smart business managers in Australia collaborate with efficient 3PL providers such as BCR, which can assist them to stay ahead of their competitors.

For more than a century, BCR has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics solution with warehousing and transportation, including air freight and sea freight services to and from the major ports including BrisbaneSydneyMelbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).