Freight Forwarder Ways To Assist Your Business To Gain Competitive Advanatge BCRBefore you decide to use a freight forwarder for your international freight and shipping operations, an important question that needs answering is how much value can your freight forwarder bring to assist you to gain a competitive advantage?

Ideally, the competitive advantage that your business can gain can be measured both strategically and operationally. Strategically, a freight forwarder is likely to be able to keep you informed on the international freight markets you use and propose strategic solutions to benefit your business. Operationally, a freight forwarder is likely to assist with robust operations ensuring on-time performance and a competitive price.

Read on to learn 4 ways your freight forwarder can assist you to gain a competitive advantage both strategically and operationally.

1) Have international freight intelligence at your disposal

Smart businesses know that an international freight forwarder is likely to have global partnerships which gives them global intelligence on freight operations for trade trends among countries, future carrier capacities, new ports being planned, carriers’ performance, carriers’ plans to enter various countries and freight rate trends. This level of intelligence is likely to assist you in deciding your own strategic direction and plans for your international and domestic operations.

2) De-risking and planning flexibility

Freight forwarding operations are impacted by various global events ranging from political to natural. Expert international freight forwarding companies constantly keep a record on industry movements across the globe to de-risk their own operations. The same information becomes available to you when you engage a professional freight forwarding company or 3PL provider to handle your freight. They are likely to be in a position to offer you much needed flexibility and alternate solutions to overcome any challenge that may disrupt your operations.

3) Leverage volume discounted freight rates

Freight forwarding companies consolidate their volumes from various customers to get best possible freight rates for your business. This lower rate benefit can be offered to you as a 3PL freight forwarder solution, saving you cost and time. Many shipping lines and air lines, as a policy, do not sell their services to direct customers unless the volumes are substantial. So if your volumes are not huge, it makes sense to engage a freight forwarder to get competitive sea freight and air freight rates.

4) Single point accountability

If you have multi-modal and multi-country operational needs, engaging a freight forwarding company to assist with your operation is a smart decision to make. Dealing with multiple operators in many countries can be challenging and time consuming, impacting your service delivery timeframes. You can fix a single-point accountability on your freight forwarding company to manage all the operations and ensure that all the information flows to you through a single point of contact. An expert freight forwarding company is likely to assign a dedicated customer service team to ensure you experience value in the service.

Engaging a leading sea freight and air freight international freight forwarder is likely to assist you in gaining a competitive advantage by providing market intelligence, operational flexibility, lower freight costs, single window operations and point-of-contact for all your multi-modal and international freight shipping movements.

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