John, a CEO of an SME often feels that he is not getting the most out of his freight forwarder in Sydney. Without investigating in depth and assuming this as the freight forwarder’s performance lack, he has changed several freight forwarders and always felt the similar issue with everyone.

Like John, many other CEOs in Australia feel the similar kind of situation and believe that switching the freight forwarder is the only solution. Whereas improving relationships and maintaining it professionally may help CEOs to get the most out of their current freight forwarders. To be strategic, documenting the things, believing in your freight forwarder and avoiding misconceptions are the ways that make the relationship healthier and increase the trust level. Therefore, even if everything is going well, CEOs must try these effective ways as a diagnostic tool to make sure you and your freight forwarder are on the road to relationship bliss.

Read on to know the 4 ways to get the most out of your relationship with freight forwarders in Sydney or other cities in Australia and how this can enhance your overall freight forwarding performance.

1) Be strategic with your freight forwarder

Sometimes, CEOs think just showing up for relationships is all that matters. In reality, being more strategic about what you want from relationships will set you up for success. Be more thoughtful about why you want something out of a relationship with freight forwarders in Sydney or from other Australian locations and how you can get the results you want. This should be two-way and we recommend to listen to your freight forwarders s expectations and respect them. Your expected service levels, commitment to your customers, your critical customers for business and business strategies, all should be well-communicated to your freight forwarder. This helps in synchronisation and allow them to design their freight forwarding strategy to give you the best outcomes.

2) Avoid any misconception promptly

CEOs and freight forwarders both should keep their eyes open and must clear any misconception promptly before it spoils their relationship. Misconceptions could be related to documentation, processes, commercial or timelines and can arise any time during your shipment cycle. Although, there could be multiple reasons for misconceptions. However, generally, improper communication is noticed as the prime reason for misconception between CEOs and freight forwarders. Nothing is instant in freight forwarding. Therefore, CEOs must clear and communicate all the requirements in advance for proper arrangement and timely delivery. Vice-versa, freight forwarders should not hesitate to ask any information. That is critical for the operation and can hamper the delivery.

3) Make everything documented

In the freight forwarding industry, often work is discussed verbally – via the phone or in person. A profound documentation process is not that common in freight forwarding, neither on the freight forwarder’s nor on the shipper’s side. Due to the limitation of the human mind or performing multiple tasks simultaneously, things easily get skipped. Later, this may create some ambiguity at the time of billing or while evaluating service performance. These sort of disputable situations between you and your freight forwarder spoils the relationship. Therefore, both freight forwarder and shipper ought to make a practice to put every verbal commitment on mail as well as circumstances occurring regularly should be part of your yearly contract to save time and avoid unnecessary disagreements.

4) Be supportive

Although, your freight forwarder in Sydney does its best to enrich your freight forwarding operation and provides you all the information and cost promptly. However, you must understand that freight forwarding is very unpredictable in nature. It gets impacted by various market situations such as government rules and regulations, weather conditions, international oil prices and port congestions. Therefore, sometimes you may experience deviation in cost and transit time against the quotation. Being understanding and supporting your freight forwarder can make it a win-win situation for both of you. It increases trust and provides confidence to your freight forwarder for them to go out of their way for you – to deliver your shipment within the committed time frame.

Being a CEO, you should understand that building a relationship is not a short-term task and can take up to months. You need to understand the requirements of your freight forwarder and build the trust level for them to go the extra mile to excel the service levels. Following these tips will assist in strengthen and solidifying not only the quality of your relationship but the fulfilment and customer satisfaction it provides. If things are lagging a bit, we advise CEOs to make some extra effort. This will fill the gap, strengthen the relationship and ultimately enrich their freight forwarding experience.

BCR is an Australian-owned business with offices all over the country including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. For more than a century we have continued to assist small, medium and large businesses to achieve an optimum logistics solution with warehousing, transportation and sea freight and air freight services to and from the major ports of Australia.

For more than a century, BCR has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics solution with warehousing and transportation, including air freight and sea freight services to and from the major ports including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).