Smart businesses know the very purpose of engaging a logistics company is to leverage their expertise so that they can assist in optimising your supply chain. They engage logistics companies to utilise their industry capabilities and expert resources available to provide customised 3PL services aligned with your businesses needs.

Logistics companies are expert supply chain operators and solely focus on assisting their customers by using efficiency techniques, the latest technology, operational flexibility and continuously innovate to be able to provide cost effective services.

Read on to learn 5 reasons to engage expert logistics companies to optimise your supply chain.

1) Get experienced and expert resources

Industry leading logistics companies pride themselves on having a pool of freight forwarding and 3PL talent that they employ. They have highly experienced subject matter experts (SME) and continually train new human resources to maintain continuity. These resources support all aspects of your operation no matter which part of your supply chain you need assistance with. By engaging logistics companies, you are more likely to benefit from the breadth and depth of their expertise and gain an optimal supply chain management solution. Unless you have the capacity to recruit and employ a team of SMEs to generate the same benefits, logistics companies may be your best option for experienced and expert resources.

2) Achieve greater supply chain efficiences

Expert logistics companies are very process driven to ensure that each stage of a supply chain process from the supplier to the manufacturer; and from the manufacturer to the end customer meets a high level of excellence. They also have access to a wide range of resources through the long-term global partnerships and alliances they have developed. The time spent building such relationships enables logistics solution providers to provide lean solutions to the end customer.

3) Use the latest technology

In today’s economic climate, smart businesses seek the latest technology to keep a competitive edge in their markets. They know IT solutions are the backbone of most operations and assist in achieve the highest levels of accuracy and speed. Innovative logistics companies use the latest technology such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) while handling supply chain operations for their customers to provide real-time information and 24/7 web-based access to customers.

4) Gain greater flexibility

Another competitive advantage is the ability to handle uncertainties in demand. Logistics companies use long standing 3PL expertise to incorporate this flexibility as part of their supply chain solution. They allow you to take advantage of pay-per-use models for freight forwarding and contract logistics that do not incur high fixed costs in order to handle the same level of volumes.

5) Leverage best practice innovation

By being industry expert’s day in and day out, logistics companies are able to keep track of new innovations and industry trends. They have means to leverage data from various sources and pioneer cutting edge solutions. They build robustness by streamlining processes and offer solutions that can be effective in various stages of your supply chain. They have the ability to implement solutions that may have already been successfully incorporated into one part of your operation into other areas of your supply chain.

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