As the CEO of an Australian organisation in Sydney, Jason is answerable for any losses the company incurs. This makes higher freight forwarding costs tipping operations into the red a real headache. Not only can this erode the company’s overall profits, it can also call into question the company’s logistics management skills.

Steve is well aware of what’s going wrong, but fixing it is a challenge. It’s a situation many Australian companies have faced, and have resolved through partnering with a professional freight forwarder. Freight experts are your ally, bringing a professional team and specific expertise that can assist to turn that profit-loss curve back in the right direction.

Read on to learn five ways they make this happen.


1) Efficient door to door services

As a business grows to encompass multiple cities and countries, the end-to-end freight forwarding movement becomes more difficult to control. This is because of the multiple services involved, including surface transportation, customs clearance processes, and loading and unloading. All of these require local knowledge to negotiate because managing them by phone or email doesn’t always provide the optimum result in terms of commercial and operational control.

As an alternative to having staff or offices in the multiple locations that are your import and export points, aligning with an established freight forwarder ensures efficient door-to-door logistics while saving you time and money.

2) Their team of professionals keeps you one step ahead

Insufficient resources and network limitations make it necessary for many logistics solutions managers to implement band-aid solutions when their shipment is at a foreign location and the unexpected happens. Unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, a strike at the port, sudden changes in rules and regulations and other events can result in your company incurring potentially heavy financial costs as well as loss of sales.

Rather than just wait it out and hope for the best, companies aligned with the right freight forwarder benefit from their local knowledge, up-to-date market intelligence and proven ability to navigate any eventuality. It’s like having an insurance policy on your ability to deliver on time, no matter what.


3) Manage loads profitably and on time

A savvy freight forwarder knows when it is best to ship your freight as a full container load (FCL]) or less than a container load (LCL). Factors will include both the volume of cargo and the timeline criticalities.

You don’t have to incur losses by consigning an LCL shipment that just can’t wait on turning into an FCL – an established freight forwarder has multiple customers and can consolidate shipments to gain you the lowest possible price while still meeting your timelines.

4) Handle urgency efficiently

There are times when things just have to move more quickly than usual, for example, when there’s a spike in customer demand. However, that means deviating from your usual routine and arrangements and looking for last-minute alternatives with little room to negotiate the best price.

That is when the established relationships and expertise of an established freight forwarder are like calling in the cavalry. They will assist you in accessing the best option for shipping your goods efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively to where they are needed – which also enhances your reputation with your customers.

5) Documentation doesn’t get in the way

Generally, when imports or exports don’t pass customs, it is not that the goods themselves are the problem – it’s a flaw in the paperwork. Things like incomplete or faulty customs documentation, missing certifications or lack of appropriate permits or licensing are among the major culprits. These hurdles not only impact your timeframes, they can also result in detention or demurral charges or other loss-making complications.

An expert freight forwarder stays up-to-date with the regulations in every jurisdiction and has all the right expertise and processes in-house to manage documentation professionally and accurately. This expedites the customs process and reduces the possibility of delays.

Better that balance sheet

By making a smart choice when it comes to managing the logistics task and partnering with an expert, a CEO can turn a shambles into a success. Look for a freight forwarder that is the right fit for your business, and you will benefit from a smoother, more responsive supply chain, up-to-date market intelligence, cost-effective shipping, and a more streamlined freight operation.

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