For a lot of our clients, they do not have the faintest clue what we do on a day-to-day basis. Supply chain specialists are at the heart of BCR’s business, who help coordinate and orchestrate the logistics process from start to finish. There are many reasons why these experts are so necessary to our company such as ensuring the manufacturing to delivery is done smoothly and securely. With their help, they improve the overall working productivity of our company making sure schedules line up, negotiating good deals with vendors, and organising the budget. If you’re still not sure, we’ve devised a comprehensive guide to give you the lowdown of supply chain specialists and their many benefits.

What Do Supply Chain Specialists Do?

Supply chain specialists are an essential role in the entire logistics process. They are the middle man that takes a product from point A to point B, beginning during the manufacturing process right to delivery. Their main role is to effectively manage each step in the logistics process. They organise the materials for production, oversee inventory, dispatching shipments, customer services, invoicing, and so many other tasks.

Because of this, supply chain specialists must be able to multitask, coordinate, and be customer-oriented altogether. Whether you’re overlooking data or discussing price options with vendors, they are a necessary part of the business. They are key in order to ensure that the company capitalises on every step of the logistics process. Having a good all-rounder to fill in the business’ shoes will allow more room for opportunities and further manufacturing options to better the job performance.

What Are Their Daily Tasks?

Gathering Materials

By doing the logistics process, it is important to start with the materials. Supply chain specialists begin by procuring the objects in order to manufacture the product. This includes listing out what to purchase, ordering the right amount, and arranging the cost and shipping.

Organise Inventory

Now that all the materials are sorted, it is important for supply chain specialists to keep the inventory available when required. This includes arranging the dates to provide the raw materials to the manufacturer. They organise all the shipments to make sure that they are manufactured at the right time.

Analysing Supply And Demand

It is essential when it comes to supply chain specialists to analyse and predict future demand in order there is the correct number of supplies to be accessible. They must be able to quickly respond to any changes in demand and foresee the right plan for future changes. This is to make sure there are no surprises creating a smooth logistics process.

Processing Orders

Recording and processing orders is a significant step for supply chain specialists to do. They must be in charge of billing and invoices and finalising documents required from both them and their customers.

What Skills Do They Need?

Supply chain specialists require a person who is good at multitasking. They need to be analytical, creating effective strategies if an issue arises. They’ll also require to be a people person, with a great ability to communicate with a range of different individuals. Technical skills that these experts need to have include an understanding of technological systems such as SAP software and Excel. They need to have experience within the industry, learning about contracts and project management.

What Are The Benefits?

Supply chain specialists are pivotal for the logistics process as without the entire project would collapse. With their help, they are able to ensure the product gets manufactured and delivered correctly. They organise all the materials, shipment schedules, and billing so that everything is sorted right away. In short, these professionals keep the business and customers satisfied.

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