Warehouse logistics is a vital part of any business operation and is part of the backbone of any business. For any business owner, warehouse logistics largely determines the success of the business, concerning storage and distribution, and must be researched and considered seriously. First of all, it is important to know what this is exactly.

It is the process of planning, organising, operating and controlling all aspects that go into it, such as storage, retrieval, access and distribution. For any business which sells products and ships them to customers, this is obviously a strong part of the operation. There are many aspects to consider within this part of the operation, such as labour, technology, storage space, retrieval and distribution. These are all integral aspects of the supply chain and must be mastered to ensure quick and easy retrieval of products which are then speedily distributed to customers, keeping them satisfied.

In this blog post, our team here at BCR will aim to give a summary guide on warehouse logistics.

Gathering requirements

Gathering requirements is an important part of warehouse logistics. The requirements you must gather are related to your customers and the size of your audience, order volume, cost of the operation, the delivery times and how much operational efficiency you are looking for. All of these questions must be asked to ascertain the requirements for warehouse logistics, as they form the bedrock of how you will develop your operation. These requirements also give a good idea as to how much the processes will cost and the operational efficiency of the whole thing. Requirements spell out a plan for your operation, and it is best to have all the information on paper in front of you before proceeding with anything, as it allows for a full view of how the operation will look.

Picking a location

Warehouse logistics involves picking a location for the storage and retrieval of your products. Picking a location is very important, as it involves choosing a place for your operations, which may be significant to where your customers are. You have to ask questions like where are your customers located, do you want to be in close proximity to them? Do you want to be close to your suppliers, or distributors? All of these questions can affect your warehouse logistics and must be considered strategically before you proceed with a place. Another factor you must consider would be if you are building your own storage space, or if you are going to rent an existing one. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these choices, and you must consider them carefully before taking your pick.


Mapping the area is a crucial part of warehouse logistics. Mapping involves drawing out the space, labelling where shelves are going to be, identifying which products will go where, routes to take for picking and packing of products, where labour will be positioned and so on. All of these are important, as they pertain to the operational efficiency of warehouse logistics. You want it to be as efficient as possible for a smooth operation.

Here at BCR, we understand the importance of warehouse logistics. By outsourcing to our team, we will be able to ensure your warehouse logistics are up to scratch. You will also be granted access to our wealth of resources and knowledge, all of which are very helpful for an efficient and effective supply chain. For the best possible management of all aspects of your supply chain, contact us now here at BCR for the best possible professional help with your business operations.