Air freight is the fastest, most reliable and better serviced compared to other modes of transportation. Despite higher costs, air freight is preferred for critical and high value shipments even though there are challenges. These challenges include cargo restrictions, limited action time, frequent rate changes and the possibility of heavy detention and demurrage costs even for smallest of mistakes. Leading Supply Chain and Operations managers in Australia know that knowledgeable air freight forwarders such as BCR understand these challenges and have the expertise in-house to manage them, proactively. Collaborating with experienced air freight forwarders can assist in developing solutions to the frequently faced challenges and assist their customer in fulfilling the order perfectly.

Read on to learn 3 frequent challenges faced with international air freight and how these challenges can be resolved promptly with the assistance of an efficient air freight forwarder.

Procedures and Documentation in air freight

Undoubtedly, the shortest transit time is the most important of many advantages of using air. However, the shortest time also means that your freight operations will need to be equally fast with various preparations required like loading, documentation and clearance. Therefore, supply chain managers need to be proactive to meet the shipping and delivery schedule. Any delay in schedule can detain the cargo. Leading Supply Chain managers understand that international air freight forwarders have knowledgeable teams. These experienced freight forwarding teams understand about the procedures and documentation and have skills to deal with last-minute challenges. These advantages that you receive by using experienced freight forwarding providers assist businesses to meet the timelines.

Air freight space constraints

Air freight is considered a low volume transportation medium. Advantages such as the shortest transit time, high-end security and reliability are achieved when using air services but getting space in an aircraft can be a nightmare for many supply chain managers. Overcoming space constraint situations requires advance planning and proper execution. To avoid these situations established freight forwarding companies pre-book space with the airlines and can usually manage to get your cargo on-board the airplane even in tight space situations. Further, their healthy relationships with the airlines also enable them to get last minute bookings.

Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions

The use of passenger aircraft for commercial air shipments necessitates very high-security procedures to carry freight. To maintain this level of security, airlines and governments have defined certain guidelines that must be followed by every stakeholder involved in the operations. These defined guidelines include packaging and commodity restrictions with proper documentation. Evading these guidelines cannot only result in cargo offloading but can also result in a ban on the importer/exporter. Therefore, it is critically important to have comprehensive knowledge about these guidelines before planning the shipment. Experienced freight forwarders have well-defined and documented processes for freight forwarding shipments and ensure that cargo is being packed and shipped as per the defined procedures.

International air freight operations are very diverse. Frequently, Operations or Supply Chain Managers experience new operational as well as strategic challenges with this mode. Major factors that make air freight forwarding challenging include country-specific government policies, Customs rules, less preparation time, high security, limited space availability and product restrictions are for Supply Chain and Operations managers.

To overcoming these challenges, capabilities like air freight expertise, a vast network, experience and high management skills are required. These capabilities can be found by choosing a well-established international air freight provider, such as IATA accredited BCR, to ensure you receive the benefits of shipping by air. By building a relationship with an experienced provider and collaborating regularly with these them so they are up to date on your business will set you and your business up for success and assist you to overcome any of these frequently experienced challenges.

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