air freight Air FreightBy far, air freight is the fastest mode of transportation to and from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Air freight remains the choice of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Managers if products need to be delivered fast or if products are of high value. Certain factors such as limited space, safety rules, crude oil prices, local Government specific regulations, stuffing rules and restrictions create uncertain situations and fluctuations in the air freight market. For supply chain sustainability, it is important for businesses to be proactive and prepared to deal with this uncertainty. Leading Freight Forwarding and logistics solutions managers in Australia understand that unpreparedness can lead to a high landed cost, detention, delay in delivery and reduced customer satisfaction. You can mitigated these risks by outsourcing air freight operations to professional air freight forwarding service providers in Australia. Air freight service providers in Australia plan in advance for fluctuations and assist you to meet your delivery timelines.

Read on to learn how professional air freight forwarding providers can assist your business be prepared for fluctuations in the air freight market.

Secure space with a highly reliable air freight forwarding service provider

Air freight is the fastest transportation medium, but offers limited space compared to sea freight which currently has an oversupply of space. Space availability is the major challenge faced by Freight Forwarding and Shipping Managers using air freight and this situation gets worse during peak load days. The limited air freighters’ capacity is supplemented by the cargo capacity of passenger flights. All available options should be explored, and this means having established relationships with all airlines. Alignment with a well-established and highly skilled IATA accredited air freight forwarding service provider such as BCR will quickly give you access to these relationships to ensure that your cargo never misses the scheduled time.

Sign an agreement with your air freight forwarding service provider

Cost is the major concern when shipping air freight. Crude oil prices, air freighter routing, government and airline pricing policies are major factors that impact air freight prices, which in turn impact the landed costs of products, profits and will influence the cost competitiveness of your products. To reduce the impact of these factors on your products, signing an agreement with your air freight forwarding service provider can assist you to know in advance some of the landed costs of your products. Even with an agreement, some fluctuations remain. The long term relationships air freight forwarding service providers have with airlines enables a more constant price and can assist with absorbing most of the fluctuations.

Grow your resource network with air freight forwarders

A well-defined and reliable network is the most essential part for any successful supply chain. Transporting goods using air freight means there is only a small window to prepare all of the requirements and marshal many resources together. Further, last minute changes put even more pressure on available resources. Leading businesses know that developing a vast resource network takes a significant amount of time as well as requires high management skills to maintain. An established air freight forwarding service provider brings all the required resources and skills to manage these resources, thus making your business less susceptible to fluctuations.

Ensure compliance with government policies

Different countries have different rules and regulations, which must be followed to deliver cargo in that country. Governments continually amend the rules and regulations and this brings additional fluctuations in air freight and sea freight markets. Not following the rules appropriately may detain your cargo, ending with heavy detention and delays. This makes it mandatory for businesses to remain updated about the rules and amendments regularly. Being in the industry for years and being focused on import and exporting every day, air freight forwarding service providers remain up to date on all the relevant rules and regulations and can guide you to prepare all the necessary arrangements before shipping your cargo.

Proactively manage last minute flight cancellations

Air freight is a highly organised and secured transportation medium with numerous rules and restrictions. The use of passenger aircraft make it more restrictive. Governments have applied restrictions such as cargo must be packed properly, should not be oversized and overweighted, does not contain hazardous and prohibited items, and these restriction are continually amended to improvise safety and security. These continual changes increase the risk of a last minute cancellation of your cargo and this can delay it for many days or weeks if your business does not fulfil the amended requirements appropriately. Air freight forwarders always pre check all requirements and ensure cargo is packed as per the government guidelines so that it can be stuffed and delivered as scheduled to meet delivery schedules.

Air freight is the fastest mode of transportation and delivers your cargo securely and in the shortest possible time. However, the air freight market is highly volatile and fluctuates. For the best outcome, it is important that businesses be prepared for the many fluctuations in the air freight market. Outsourcing your air freight forwarding operation to a well-established and skilled air freight forwarder such as BCR, can assist you to easily manage all the fluctuations proactively. Air freight forwarders in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth (Fremantle) ensure that you make the most of your air freight movements.