With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, airline flight schedules are changing daily. In response, BCR is prioritising air freight quotations and the movement of goods for our customers’ cargo that is ready to move. BCR strongly recommends that you do not procrastinate over the quote provided, as we are seeing freight rates increase in a very short period.

If you need the products to continue production or fulfil an urgent order, it’s important to understand that your quote today could increase significantly tomorrow or next week. BCR has already experienced customers delay the movement of their goods by air, only to find out two weeks later when the decision has been made to uplift the freight after all, that rates had increased dramatically.

With the rapid market changes to available airline services and subsequent air freight rates becoming unstable, we will continue to provide our industry-leading service and support to your business. Rest assured BCR is here to support you, we understand the costs, and our priority is to provide a sustainable service to our valued customers.

The announcement by Qantas and other airlines to suspend all international flights will have a big impact on the air freight market. This, together with the announcements from governments to close state borders will see more flight being suspended.

Please continue to contact our expert team at airfreight@bcr.com.au to support your business during this difficult time. We’re in this together.

Air Freight Australia