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The Importance Of Digitising In A 3PL Warehouse In Perth

As the industry-leading logistics solution for Australia, we know a thing or two about what makes a 3PL warehouse in Perth truly efficient. Third Party Logistics have seen a resurgence in search volume and utility in the wake of the eCommerce boom which has seen record spending in all sized businesses across the industries. As such, the role of a 3PL warehouse in Perth has changed dramatically, necessitating a more modern approach and scalable environment.

BCR have always been on the cutting edge when it comes to innovation and adoption of technologies that streamline the logistics and supply chain process as a whole. Our capabilities and experience are apparent in any capacity, from providing an intuitive 3PL warehouse in Perth or as a freight forwarder in Sydney.

We’re always keeping a keen eye on the latest and greatest and today we’re going to be writing a little about digitisation and its vital importance in a logistical capacity for the modern era.

A Quick Recap On Third Party Logistics

Before we delve into the virtues of automation and digitisation for a 3PL warehouse in Perth, it helps to quickly understand the general roles and responsibilities that BCR and other third-party logistics providers tend to offer.

Essentially, companies like ours are able to offer outsourced logistical services to clients that can include, but not limited to:

  • Forwarding
  • Warehousing
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Brokerage
  • And more

Almost any scale of company can utilise the expertise of a third-party logistical provider to streamline and delegate the deliverables to a trusted company while they focus on their own business.

The Utility of Digitisation & Paperless Adoption For A 3PL Warehouse In Perth

The aim of any third-party logistics provider is that of communication and visibility of information, of utilising whatever tools necessary to deliver scalable and bespoke storage and logistical solutions.

This is achieved through a number of intuitive and innovative software and systems that work with client expectations and requirements. This in turn allows more transparency and communicative potential between clients, their customers, and logistics experts.

Accessibility of real-time data across a number of facilities including stock levels, orders placed, and proficient tracking software all contribute towards proficient and modern logistics capabilities, especially in a 3PL warehouse in Perth. Digitisation and end-to-end accessibility are a major factor in modern supply chains and can be achieved using a few different avenues of approach – however, the encompassing factor that will determine the efficacy is in the IT integration and in the case of a 3PL warehouse in Perth, the WMS. This integral software has become more versatile and intuitive as time has gone on and allows providers like us to implement solutions ranging from better RF-scanning capabilities to Web Hooks and API’s.

Digitisation and visibility of live information are essential cogs in a modern 3PL warehouse in Perth, for scalability, convenience, and modern consumer expectations.

The BCR Difference

We’re always looking towards the future at BCR. We’ve been in business and serving the Australian community for over 100 years and will continue adopting the most innovative and streamlined solutions, whether it’s through a 3PL warehouse in Perth, or any logistical requirement you have around the country.


Why Is It Necessary To Keep Everyone Informed In The Supply Chain?

For your company to have a successful business operation requires a thorough supply chain process. While it might seem like an easy feat, it involves a heavy amount of detail and planning to move products to their final destination without any error. From the creation to the final stages, there’s precision in every step involved to prevent any problems. Communicating across different departments is impertinent to the supply chain business. Because of this, it is necessary to make sure everyone is on the same page to keep it all afloat.

At BCR, we are leading the way as one of the most reputable freight forwarding and logistics companies across Australia. We know how important keeping in touch with every department is essential to the business’ standing. In the next few moments, we’re going to be taking a look at how the supply chain process works and why it’s necessary to communicate with the team from start to finish.

First Off, What Is A Supply Chain?

The supply chain is a series of steps that get your products created and transported to then be shipped to a customer. It is the organisation of moving goods from start to finish, requiring a lot of devil in the details to ensure no problems come about. There is a range of factors such as distributors, financing, logistics, materials, suppliers, and many other aspects to consider. That is why it is so necessary that every employee involved in the supply chain process is up to date on the latest information to prevent slip-ups from occurring.

Why Is Communication Essential?

Skyrocketing Work Performance

Communication is impertinent for productivity, ensuring that your product is created and transported where it needs to go within the recommended time frame. This allows you to keep everyone in the loop with what’s going on so that there is a good flow during the process. The supply chain process is complex and intricate, requiring everything to be in order to follow the series of steps from start to finish. Doing so guarantees that you are keeping it within the correct time frame, preventing any backlogs from happening. This ensures the process will be as relaxed as possible.

Provides Self-Esteem To Your Employees

Another reason why it’s essential to have clear communication during the supply chain process is that it encourages better morale for employees. This will allow the work to be done more efficiently and smoother, ensuring that everything gets finalised before the deadline. When your workers are happy, the job gets done quicker. As a result, you can be sure that productivity in the workplace will soar through the roof by doing so.

Encourages Team Spirit

Last on the list, communication is crucial to the success of the supply chain process because it will encourage you to create team-building between each of your employees. From doing so, you can guarantee that this will promote a good flow of work productivity, ensuring the product can be shipped to the right customers by their expectancy date. As a result, this will guarantee the supply chain process will remain right on schedule throughout production, transportation, and delivery.

In summary, the supply chain is essential for all businesses. Communication is necessary as it provides an array of positives, including enhanced morale, productivity, and teamwork between employees. This will further better the whole process, guaranteeing everything will finalised by the due date.

If you’re interested in learning more about is and what we do, feel free to get in touch with us over email, phone, or on our website.


3 Advantages Of Ocean Freights Shipping

Ocean freights are one of the best ways to ship products across the world, to distribute your items to your consumers globally. Businesses across the world have utilized this method of distribution for centuries now, and it has become one of the best ways to tap into consumer markets internationally. Our waters cover almost the entire planet, which makes it the best medium for transportation of items on Earth. As such, businesses which are looking to get into international markets would be foolish not to utilize this time tested method of distribution. It is a fair question as to why a business should consider shipping distribution over the other methods of transportation: air, road and rail. Ocean freights can bring a huge number of benefits in comparison to other methods of distribution, and these benefits can be highly advantageous to a business compared to other methods.

If you are a business looking at different distribution methods, and want to know why you should consider ocean freights, read on.


Using ocean freights is one of the most economic ways to ship products. The price of ocean freights is very competitive when compared to other methods of transportation. Long distance transportation is perfect for anyone looking to reach global markets, and long distance rates are typically economical, making them the best choice for a business. Using shipping across the water is usually touted as the cheapest option for international distribution, and the best choice when it comes to what you get for your buck. For any business, driving cost savings is a priority. When it comes to distribution, this is the best cost savings option for your business to drive cost savings.

Efficient Transportation

Shipping your products across the world is something that needs to be done efficiently. You need a carrier that can take on your products and move them within a reasonable time frame. For most shipping companies, their ocean freights should be able to accommodate your products, regardless of the size of the shipment. Typically, smaller shipments are combined with others to make the container efficiently packed. This way, more can be moved per ship. Ocean freights are considered the most efficient way to move products across the world, and are the best choice for businesses looking to do so. As such, they are usually the most popular choice looking to penetrate these markets and ship products globally.


No matter the product, ocean freights are designed to be able to carry any type of item. Some items may be unstable or dangerous to carry across air or land. With ocean freights, the ride is smooth and does not involve lots of rapid movements. Because of this, it is one of the best choices to move any items which may be considered dangerous or unsafe, especially on other transportation methods. Additionally, the crew on these ships are well trained in carrying these types of items, and will know how to handle items which need to be handled with care. They will have safety guidelines to follow which are adhered to strictly. This ensures that any items that are deemed dangerous or unsafe will be able to be transported safely.

In summary, ocean freights are an immensely useful form of distribution for businesses looking to ship their products internationally.

Here at BCR, we understand the importance of ocean freights and how they can be used for businesses. As such, our professional experience within our team can help to provide you with guidance as to how to approach shipping distribution. Let us do the hard work, while you focus on your business.


Why We’re Embracing The Paperless & Automated Future of 3PL In Sydney

As we bounce back into the swing of things post-pandemic, the entire team at BCR is getting more excited about 3PL in Sydney and the possibilities of its, and the rest of the logistics industry’s future. As technology continuously innovates and progressively makes the entire supply chain smoother and more intuitive, everyone stands to benefit.

There is always something exciting on the horizon when it comes to streamlining and manifesting progress in the logistics industry and 3PL in Sydney as a whole. Many businesses that utilise 3PL in Sydney are relying on scalable and worthwhile solutions in order to keep up with the increased demand and consumer spending. Equally so, the providers of 3PL in Sydney are looking at various methods to do away with some of the legacy systems that are not built to withstand the current market.

We’re proud to be looking ahead and embracing the changes that are already here – as industry leading providers of 3PL in Sydney, we’re going to get you excited about it too.

Why 3PL In Sydney Is Busier Than Ever

In the wake of the pandemic and what is known as the ‘Amazon Effect’, there has never been as much talk about the logistics industry as there is now. With many companies facing a sink-or-swim choice to stick with clunkier legacy-based systems of management and supply, or head toward a streamlined and scalable future.

3PL in Sydney is one of the essential cogs for importation/exportation for Australia, as well as being the most populous city in the country. Third party logistics providers are dealing with the eCommerce boom in different ways, and while the pandemic impacts will be felt for some time to come, the consumerist trend of online purchasing is not slowing down any time soon.

So, how are we approaching this at BCR? How does a third-party logistics provider and supply chain management company keep up with the increasing demand and consumer expectations?

Simple, by embracing technology with automation and going paperless with digitisation.

Automation & Digitisation

Each company will have its own scale and approach to improving 3PL in Sydney. The notion that automation is anything but good for the industry is interesting. Automating systems and improvements being made to technology in everything from packaging being improved drastically with automated machinery to vehicular transportation being adapted with machine learning capabilities.

While the technology is constantly evolving, there is simply not enough peoplepower or ingenuity in the legacy systems to keep up with and control the influx of new client bases.

The paperless and digitisation side of the equation is where the real meat is as it is the older and more outdated systems of management and data organisation is where many logistics providers are dropping the ball in our opinion.

Manual processing and data entry on outdated systems is sluggish and opens the door for a mess of problems and are causing significant losses in potential revenue, according to a CeMAT report. Considering the number of legacy systems that still require such manual interaction, it is no wonder that some companies simply cannot keep up with the changing landscape. This is particularly true of Small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The Future Of Warehousing & 3PL In Sydney

Pertaining to 3PL in Sydney, and the surviving of it, the road ahead is paved with new ideas and challenges in the rapidly expanding industry. With predictions of the industry in Australia to continue on a compound annual growth rate of over 8% over the next 5 years according to a Mordor Intelligence report.

This means that the necessary steps toward digitisation and streamlined processes have to be taken by those who wish to remain relevant providers of 3PL in Sydney.


3 Ways Your E-commerce Store Can Benefit From 3PL In Sydney

E-commerce stores are the future of business, and nearly every business which sells products to consumers will have some form of E-commerce store online. An e-commerce store relies heavily on the supply chain, especially if they produce their own products. Managing your own online store can be difficult, and involves many processes. You need to ensure your website stays up and running and is operational, as well as all the plugins that come with it. Managing this alongside your supply chain can prove to be overwhelming for many store owners, and mistakes can be made which can affect your operation. With 3pl in Sydney, you are sure to be able to manage your store whilst professionals take care of your supply chain. 3pl in Sydney involves professionals who are skilled and experienced in managing the supply chain, and will be able to employ technologies and strategies tailored to your e-commerce business in order to manage it effectively.

Here are 3 ways your e-commerce store can benefit from 3pl in Sydney.

Reduced Costs

Reducing costs are the goal for any business, and this applies to online retailers too. On top of the costs of maintaining an online presence, there are many costs associated with the supply chain. From procurement, to warehousing, to technology investment and distribution, there are many cost aspects to consider. With 3pl in Sydney, you gain many connections which can be used to foster good deals for a variety of different aspects, leading to reduced costs. The processes associated with this also becomes more efficient, meaning you will lose less material and use time more effectively, leading to reduced costs. 3pl in Sydney is necessary to reduce these costs, as it is difficult for a business owner to have the same connections as these professionals would.

Access To Resources

Partnering with 3pl in Sydney means that you gain access to a wealth of resources which can be immensely helpful to any online retailer. These resources include dedicated professionals who work solely on your supply chain, as well as technologies which make management of the supply chain much easier. Furthermore, these professionals know how to integrate this technology and operate it to a standard which is useful to your e-commerce website. Integration can often be difficult when it comes to merging new technologies with your existing legacy systems, especially those regarding your online website. With 3pl in Sydney, these professionals will have a lot of experience in doing this, and will be able to do this with ease.


If all goes well, your online website should require some scalability as you grow. Scalability within the supply chain involves hiring out expanded warehouse spaces, hiring more workers, increasing material procurement and production to meet demand and so on. 3pl in Sydney is perfect for scalability, as they will not only know how to scale your business without disrupting operations, but they will also have the resources to allow for efficient scaling. 3pl in Sydney professionals will also have connections that can make upscaling much easier.

Why BCR?

BCR is a 3pl in Sydney team of professionals who strive for the highest quality work for our clients. We understand how online retailers work, and how the supply chain fits in these types of business operations. As such, we have significant experience in helping e-commerce businesses. 3pl in Sydney can make the supply chain processes streamlined, and make the entire operation much more efficient and effective. With BCR, you can ensure that your business can scale and meet demand, and operate smoothly year round.


A Quick Look At 3PL in Melbourne: Australia’s Focal City

We’ve spent a bit of time talking about the importance of logistics to the nation, but not nearly enough time on 3PL in Melbourne. The city is one of Australia’s most important and focal cities with respects to transportation and logistics and is only becoming more important and efficient as time goes on.

As the premier logistics providers for Australia for over 100 years, we’ve seen many advancements and improvements being made for all facets of 3PL in Melbourne – and seeing as we are coming out of the other side of this pandemic stronger than ever, it may be time to shine a light on the city and its proponents.

This article will delve into why the city is expanding in its logistical capabilities. Hopefully this will illuminate why 3PL in Melbourne is becoming more lucrative and in-demand for local and international companies, and why we’re excited for the future.

The Longevity Of 3PL In Melbourne & Victoria

Victoria has long been associated as Sydney’s younger sibling, with respects to size, importance, and general popularity. This has been shifting ever-so-slowly over the decades as the state becomes more independent and attractive for larger businesses to set up headquarters in the state and its capital. 3PL in Melbourne has always gone hand in hand with scaling upward, with Victoria itself being attractive for supply chains.

On average, the logistics industry in Victoria contributes roughly $21 Billion per annum to the economy, not to mention the industry keeps around 280,000 Victorians employed. As for why 3PL in Melbourne is so popular, well, looking at it from a purely strategic and geographical standpoint, the city is a true aorta for supply chain infrastructure.

The key city has major road access for almost 80% of the Australian population which is a lucrative and central focus for logistics companies in general, and one that we’ve invested heavily in. Both the city and Victoria itself have a range of established and high-traffic ports and freight hubs that have lucrative connectivity to rural, mainland, and international markets – which makes them even more attractive for brands and companies.

The eCommerce Boom & Increased Traffic

The reason for the expansion of 3PL in Melbourne and the rest of the country is simple enough, more people are buying online than ever before. With the pandemic and shift onto the internet for a lot of our day-to-day needs, logistics have become more intertwined with company ethos and planning than ever before.

As there are more orders than ever before in an online context, there is increased dependence and pressure on providers of 3PL in Melbourne and Australia in general to have their services up to scruff and ensure the supply chain is as effective and efficient as possible.

The Future Of 3PL In Melbourne

There is a healthy dose of speculation that is needed when considering the future of the industry, especially in an age where there is innovation and advancement being made almost any other day. There does not seem to be any sign of slowing down in the eCommerce boom that the world is finding itself a part of.

This is highly encouraging for BCR and 3PL in Melbourne as a whole. Not only is the expansion of capital and commerce an encouraging notion for businesses, but for the community that depends on local jobs, and effective services.


The Strong & Unabashed Longevity Of 3PL in Brisbane

Australia has long been associated with sound logistical capabilities, and perhaps there is no better example of this than with 3PL in Brisbane. Queensland has long been a central and important leg for the country’s biggest imports and exports.

Not only this, but the pandemic also brought forward a huge demand for e-Commerce shopping which in exponentially increased demand for good and effective services of 3PL in Brisbane, and the country’s other major states.

There are a number of ways to account for the longevity of the industry of 3PL in Brisbane besides location. We’ve been operating for long enough to know what we’re doing and have practiced, expanded, learned, and developed solutions for clients that require adaptation and efficacy.

Today, we’re going to explore a little bit about why we’ve maintained a strong presence in the logistics industry, and where we’re going with 3PL in Brisbane.

What Makes 3PL In Brisbane Effective?


Very little could be done from a logistical standpoint with 3PL in Brisbane without proficiency in the job. This typically is derived from years of experience in any given field and is certainly the case with us.

Experience and proficiency come to light in every facet of 3rd party logistics, from the organisational standpoint, supply chain management, all the way to client relations and ensuring that visions are aligned and adhered to.


In the world of logistics and supply chain management, timing is everything. Inventory management and efficient execution of orders in timely and concise manners is an essential cog in the machine – and one we take great pride in at BCR. With so many logistics companies out there vying for clients and attention, the only way to stand above the rest is to run a tight and efficient ship.

Timely orders, efficient packaging and warehousing services, client-management – they all collate into 3PL in Brisbane.


Planning ahead is often overlooked by industry experts. We happen to think a little differently. Contingency is at the heart of worthwhile 3PL in Brisbane due to the ever-changing risk-factors associated with the supply chain in general. According to Murphy’s Law, “anything that can happen, will happen”, which is all too true for anyone working in the realm of logistics.

A contingency is more than an emergency plan, it is the notion of being prepared for any minor change to the status quo. This is also where scalability comes into the fold with warehousing being a predominant aspect of third-party logistics services. The ability to expand, contract, and expand again into whatever territory that is necessary is an instrumental aspect to 3PL in Brisbane.

The Importance Of The Industry

It’s no secret that the logistics industry is a huge aspect to the Australian way of life. With the transport and logistics industry bringing in an estimated $101.5 Billion in the 2019-2020 period alone. While the pandemic did slow down the processes a little, it seems coming out the other side is a stronger and more e-Commerce focused market. Which in turn will make 3PL in Brisbane all the more important – and BCR, all the more expansive.

The BCR Differential

We’ve been in the logistics business for over a hundred years and have seen every iteration and generation of change in the industry. We’ve had time to expand and build a solid foundation of reliable, systemic efficiency in our processes and solutions for clients.


3 Supply Chain Challenges And How To Overcome Them

In the wake of the pandemic, we have seen the supply chain consistently challenged, sending ripples of effects felt across the entire world. Too often have we seen products being delayed, with supermarkets missing entire sections, people’s packages being delayed and product based businesses taking the full brunt of this. The pandemic shut down ports, causing products and their route to be disrupted. With the pandemic largely been put behind in western countries, the supply chain is picking up again, and life is slowly returning to normal. However, challenges still remain, even before the pandemic, and these challenges can significantly affect the way a business operates and sends and receives products to customers. Productivity and profitability are two key areas which have seen the most impact, and both are vital to the operational ability of a business. With this being said, this blog will outline some challenges to the supply chain that remain to this day, and how these can be overcome to ensure success.

Not Enough Materials

During the pandemic, demand for online products increased dramatically. With more people than ever stuck indoors, online shopping became a favourite pastime for many of the population. This caused a significant increase in demand, and put strain on the supply chain. Having enough materials to keep up with production which correlated to the high demand was and still is in some cases a serious issue. One of the best ways to combat this is to ensure you have enough working capital ready in your supply chain in the case of spikes in demand. This way, you can continually purchase materials from suppliers to keep up with increasing demand for products. Having a ready amount of capital at all times is crucial to ensure this.

Difficulty In Forecasting Demand

Initially, businesses had data sets ready to gain insights on the supply chain, and how demand may increase or decrease. With the pandemic, these data sets were disrupted, leaving many businesses in the dark as to how demand may fluctuate. This of course caused serious issues, and businesses were unsure as to how to treat their supply chain. They didn’t know whether to increase production or decrease it, and so on. Now, with the pandemic mostly over and business returning to normal, new data sets should be continually developed. Data should be collected and formed into these sets to allow businesses to gain insights through forecasting. Much like they did before the pandemic, businesses should turn to data centered decision making, and new data sets should be collected to reflect current conditions.

Technological Transformation

The world is changing, and all businesses know that unless you are keeping up with technological change, you will be left behind. Digital transformation applies directly to the supply chain. The adoption of technologies such as drones, smart robots, software for management and Internet of Things (IoT) products can bring a myriad of benefits to any supply chain. By looking into these technologies and how they can be integrated into your operation can ensure that you increase productivity and efficiency, while staying relevant in the new world of technology.

How Can We Help?

Here at BCR, we are experts at all things to do with the supply chain. We are well educated and experienced in the challenges that your business operation faces, both during the pandemic and in its wake. Our team of experts can provide qualified advice and manage your supply chain to overcome any challenges that it may be facing. With a wealth of resources available at our disposal, we are able to transform your business operation into one brimming with high end technology, and ensure success and relevance in the new world.


Why Is Supplier Relationship Management Important For Your Business?

For any supply chain, a business will need to acquire connections for resources, suppliers, technology and all for a reasonable cost. Procurement is a crucial part of any business operation, and it sets the foundation for a successful business. For any business owner, finding and establishing these connections can be difficult, especially negotiating a good deal for supplies at a good price. This is where supplier relationship management comes into play. Supplier relationship management involves an outsourced party helping to establish and create connections with suppliers and negotiate deals in favour of a company. These professionals will typically have well entrenched connections who they can turn to, and they have the expertise to be able to negotiate deals which work in the company’s favour.

It can be difficult to build these relationships, especially for newer businesses, who would benefit the most from these types of connections.

If you are a business considering supplier relationship management for your business, then read on.

It Can Help To Reduce Costs

A reduction in costs is something that every business strives for, no matter what industry you are in. With supplier relationship management, a business is able to negotiate lowered costs for their procurement deals. The procurement of materials, resources for production and storage space, are all important aspects of any job. Added up, all of these can total to a significant amount of costs, costs which are necessary to run the business. With supplier relationship management, an outsourced party is able to negotiate terms with these deals and help to lower the costs of procurement. They utilize their industry connections to go to reputable and reliable sources, and ones that will give them a good price. They can negotiate a long term deal which ultimately is cheaper, helping to reduce costs for the business.

Can Provide Connections For Trusted Outsourced Professionals

Sometimes, supply chain professionals may suggest that certain aspects will perform better when outsourced permanently to other professionals. While this sounds good, many businesses may prefer not to do this for lack of trust, especially when handling sensitive parts of the business operation. These aspects could include customer service processes, inventory management or accounting. Supplier relationship management professionals can help to provide trusted outsourced connections to take over these roles. Because of their long industry experience, supplier relationship management will be able to open these connections and determine which company should handle what role, and which one they will perform best in. You can rest easy knowing that the professionals chosen are good at what they do and can be trusted.

Continued Long Term Improvement Of Supply Chain

The supply chain is something that needs to be constantly monitored and tweaked over time to ensure continuous improvement. Supplier relationship management ensures that you are able to negotiate long term deals with your sources. As such, over time, you can realise which parts need to be tweaked, and receive feedback and give feedback constantly over time. Supplier relationship management leads to changes implemented which develops a much more efficient and effective supply chain in the long term.

How Can We Help?

At BCR, we are experienced supplier relationship management professionals. We have a wealth of resources and connections in this industry, and can negotiate the best deals for your business in procurement and various other aspects too. Supplier relationship management is crucial to any business, and we understand this better than most. By contacting us, we will be able to determine what your business needs and the best possible connections to put you in contact with, and negotiate the best possible price for you.

Contact us now for a consultation!


3 Benefits Of Hiring A Freight Service For Your Business

Many businesses nowadays rely on the assistance of freight service to help move their products across the globe with ease.  Almost 2 billion metric tons are placed into containers annually, showcasing how important it is to get external help to supply their products on an international level. These experts can help move your items far and wide, requiring a lot of organisation and problem-solving in order to guarantee the logistics process runs smoothly. There are so many benefits that come with hiring a freight service for the success of your business and in the next few sections, we’re going to be taking a look!

1# Adaptability

One of the major perks of hiring a freight service is they are incredibly versatile, being able to adapt to the dynamic nature of modern business. They are able to attune their resources to work with all the new changes that spring up.  These experts also have years of experience to know how to work around particular complications. There are many instances whereby you might find yourself with a surprise, needing you to quickly change things last minute for things to continue. Having a freight service that knows just how to handle all these modifications instantaneously is your best bet for smooth flowing business operations.

2# Management And Structure

Another reason to choose a freight service is that they are efficient and organized, allowing the job to get done right away. Logistics is a significantly important factor to a successful business and if not managed properly, it could be detrimental to your reputation. These experts will assist you with the supply and logistics process, to make sure every step is handled the right way. Therefore, this takes away the stress that comes with business planning, allowing you to relax knowing a freight service is here to help.

3# Storage And Warehousing

A freight service provides a storage and warehousing space for your business. By being able to have a place to keepsake all your items, you will be able to reduce your overall business spending. For a lot of companies, they tend to hire an external business to store all their products, which may lead to them spending money on a storage business that they might not be inhabiting.  A freight service only allows you to pay for storage that you are currently using. As well as this, you can sort out your storage based on demand and growth. As there is a rise in demand, this requires you to grow your storage space, which will be much cheaper through having external assistance.

4# Ease Of Convenience

Lastly, a freight service can remove the strain that comes with the logistics process. There are a lot of factors to consider in making sure every step of the supply chain is taken care of.  This includes documentation, insurance, packaging, storage, and a whole lot more. These experts will pay attention to the finer details to guarantee your products travel to your customers easily and quickly. Your business can therefore relax knowing the experts are on the job.


Your dedicated BCR account management team, along with our global network of freight forwarding professionals, will ensure all your organisation’s logistics needs are met while exceeding your expectations for customer service and performance every day.