In today’s ever-changing global economy, one thing that cannot be substituted is history and experience.

At BCR, our Customs Team can be traced back as far as 1892 through esteemed industry pioneers and customs brokers such as Frank Cridland and Ray Katte, and today we continue to draw on 128 years of experience whilst navigating the demanding needs of modern trade regulations and compliance requirements.

Through our team of passionate and dedicated customs brokers and consultants, we utilise both our history and extensive industry experience to provide importers and exporters with professional customs expertise. Our team aim to continue the legacy of BCR principles and values whilst delivering specialised knowledge across a number of Australia’s main trading commodities, including passenger motor vehicles, medical instrument products and the electrical machinery sector.

At its core, the BCR Customs Team provide our customers with advice on regulatory requirements, streamlined border clearance, and ensure the correct amount of duty and tax is paid to reduce importing costs and ensure compliance is maintained.

  • Are you looking to import a new product or enter into a new business trade lane?
  • Are you unsure of your documentary or regulatory requirements?
  • Would you like to explore opportunities to ensure the lowest rate of duty is paid while having the comfort of remaining compliant with Australian Law?

Please see the below relevant topics that may impact your international trade practices, your regulatory compliance and the opportunity to reduce shipment delays and increase your profitability:


Michael Cook – Customs Compliance Consultant

In light of recent audit activity by Australian Border Force (ABF), it is timely to reinforce the ABF expectations on importers in regards to adequate risk assessment diligence in providing assurances that imported goods do not contain asbestos.

This is contained in a July 2019 Fact Sheet that highlights beyond pre-shipment testing what may be used as supporting documentation to provide that assurance & complement the initial statement BCR may request to enable the barrier clearance to commence.

Solely relying on the single statement that BCR will request that states the goods have nil asbestos content may not necessarily provide adequate assurance to ABF & shipments may be directed for onshore testing.

We recommend the ABF Fact Sheet be freely distributed within your supply chain.

Commercial Documents – Customs Valuation

Michael Cook – Customs Compliance Consultant

In light of recent audit activity by Australian Border Force (ABF), it is timely to reinforce the ABF expectations on importers in regards to the verification of import transactions that may occur at the barrier & more likely in a post-importation ABF audit that may be undertaken within (4) years from importation.

We have attached a Fact Sheet that highlights issues ABF have with Pro-forma invoices & electronic invoices (XL) despite this being a circumstantial &/or legitimate business practice between trading partners.

This complements Department if Immigration & Border Protection Notice 2013

Despite the age of these documents, they remain valid with Trade Compliance (revenue) in relation to Customs Valuation on imported goods being a historical & current ABF compliance priority.

Australian Trusted Trader

ATT is a voluntary trade facilitation initiative that recognises businesses in Australia with a secure supply chain and compliant trade practices. Accreditation rewards businesses with a range of trade facilitation benefits and brings Australia in line with major international trading partners, joining over 70 countries with similar Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) programmes.

BCR Australia was one of the first companies to become an accredited Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) and we have continued to provide specialist consulting services to assist importers and exporters with the ATT accreditation process.

Incoterms 2020

The Incoterms 2020 rules explain a set of 3-letter trading terms reflecting business-to-business practice in contracts for the sale of goods.