Sea Freight Services Be Way Ahead With International Freight Companies BCRSmart businesses stay ahead of their competition in many ways and one of them is to work with international freight companies to manage their 3PL and freight forwarding needs. International freight companies focus on assisting you to plan and execute global expansion seamlessly with little operational involvement on your side.

Outsourcing your freight operation to professional international freight companies with years of experience and management skills give you a competitive edge over your competitors in Australia

Read on to learn how international freight companies can assist your business to be more strategic and successful.

Demand and supply forecasting

International freight companies have historical data and can access research reports which have information about future projections of global freight forwarding trade that can help you with global demand and supply forecasting on multiple trade-lanes. You can incorporate transport capacity forecasts into your own future logistics and freight forwarding plans and do cost-benefit scenarios planning.

Global expansion or sourcing

With their global network, international freight companies in Australia provide you with flexibility to send and store your goods anywhere in the world. You can procure raw material or finish products from an ideal location in relation to your business and sell it to a broader market quicker. This allows you to gain maximum returns at a much faster speed and is likely to be more cost effective simply by leveraging the network and infrastructure of international freight companies.

Improve pipeline visibility

Real time updates on your pipeline stock and lead times can assist you with planning inventory, distribution and sales promotions. International freight companies provide this visibility through their systems, as well as regular management dashboards that highlight any possible disruptions you may incur to aid you to plan your response proactively.

Manage uncertainty better

Freight operations can be highly unpredictable with ever-changing government rules and regulations, port congestions, weather conditions and labour strikes. International freight companies exchange this information across their global networks and distribute updates to their customers in a timely manner to ensure you can manage any impacts these disruptions may have on your supply chain.

Relish single point accountability

International freight companies have highly evolved customer relationship management programs. For larger customers, they assign a dedicated Account Manager who is responsible for understanding the specific details of your freight and logistics business today and in the future. This is in addition to a customer service team member who will manage the day to day of your operations. The Account Manager is like your own resource within your service provider that works to ensure that you receive exactly the customised services you need today and as your business evolves.

Outsourcing your 3PL and freight operation to expert international freight companies is a strategic choice for businesses that wish to achieve efficiency gains while staying focused on their core capabilities. You are also likely to get specific operational and strategic solutions that reduce your overall costs and enable you to maintain a competitive edge in your business markets.

Whether you are importing to Australia or exporting freight globally, download our free checklist so you can feel confident you won’t miss any steps in the preparation of your international sea freight shipment.

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