As the world of freight forwarding evolves, the importance of robust security measures has never been more crucial.

Ensuring that your data and logistics requirements are handled securely and professionally is a core pillar of our operations here at BCR Seaway.

Through our acquisition with Seaway on 1st March 2023, we aim to strengthen our commitment further.

We have served Australian-based companies and multinationals for over 100 years, offering customised solutions across the supply chain, including freight forwarding, logistics, and customs-related services.

Our expertise is a testament to our enduring commitment to setting the gold standard for data security in freight forwarding.

The following article will take a look at the best practices in guaranteeing security throughout the freight forwarding process.

See how our freight forwarding services are taking all security measures to ensure the safety of all our clients.

Understanding the Challenges in Data Security

The freight forwarding industry in Sydney, and indeed globally, is experiencing increasing challenges related to data security. With continuous cyber-attacks, security breaches, and misuse of business information becoming more common, the necessity for robust security measures cannot be overstated.

Recovering from such breaches is costly, both in terms of financial impact and damage to a company’s reputation. This underscores the importance of prevention rather than cure.

For this reason, aviation security is paramount and at BCR Seaway, we’ve taken all measures to ensure that all your goods are kept safe and protected.

Read through our article on how safe your air cargo is to learn more about air freight forwarding security.

BCR Seaway’s Approach to Ensuring Security

Centralised Cloud-based Data Storage
BCR Seaway utilises cloud-based systems for IT infrastructure. This not only streamlines data access but also ensures that data backups are performed regularly, granting controlled access, and reducing the chances of a security breach during data transfers.

Confidentiality of Documents
Shipping documents, rich in sensitive information about suppliers, prices, and business strategies, are handled with utmost confidentiality at BCR Seaway. Strict protocols are in place to ensure that these documents are accessed only by authorised personnel.

Advanced IT Systems
We have introduced TMS (Transport Management Systems) and other cutting-edge IT systems to ensure that all data is stored, managed, and transferred securely. Such systems allow encryption and secure access, ensuring that the data remains safe from potential breaches.

API Integration for Secure Data Transfer
Integration through API allows for a seamless and secure data transfer between our team and our supply chain partners, minimising data exposure and ensuring that information is exchanged safely.

Strict Data Policies
Every employee and service provider associated with us is governed by our strict data policy. This ensures that data is accessed and utilised solely for its intended purpose, reducing the risk of inadvertent leaks or misuse.

The Bottom Line

Protecting data isn’t just about safeguarding information—it’s about preserving the trust and livelihood of the businesses we serve.

At BCR Seaway, we understand the intricate challenges faced by supply chain managers and work diligently to provide solutions that prioritise security.

Our dedication to ensuring data security aligns perfectly with our mission to offer tailored logistics solutions. We aim to be your trusted partner, understanding your needs, and focusing on your success, as we have for over 100 years.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we can secure your logistics needs, know that our dedicated team is always here to assist and ensure your expectations are not only met but consistently exceeded.

To all our partners, present and future, trust in our experience, our dedication, and our commitment to safeguarding your data and logistics needs. With us on your side, your business is in safe hands.

Speak to our team today for any enquires regarding our freight and logistics services.