Third-party logistics (3PL) services form an integral part of a customer’s supply chain. Collaborating with a 3PL in Sydney or Brisbane means that businesses can benefit from their experience with building a sustainable supply chain. An expert 3PL is likely to have implemented sustainability initiatives into their operations processes. These may include reducing carbon footprints while transporting goods, the optimal use of and recycling packaging material, conservation of energy used in warehouses and proper disposal of waste material.

Reducing your carbon footprint

A carbon footprint measures the amount of carbon dioxide being discharged in the environment by burning fuel while transporting goods. Research shows that the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is contributing to the increase in global temperatures and the transportation of goods across the globe is a major contributor.

A 3PL provider in Sydney works with customers to develop a credible carbon impact analysis and assist in measuring carbon emissions. They can then assist businesses in increasing the fill rate per transport unit to transport more goods per tank of fuel, deploying bigger capacity vehicles, scheduled maintenance of transport vehicles and use of greener fuels for transportation vehicles.

Sustainable transportation

Another approach that has a positive impact on creating a sustainable supply chain is implementing sustainable transportation measures. A Sydney 3PL provider ideally has vast experience and can provide strategic transportation operations. They can remove unnecessary legs of transportation that may include shifting transportation modes from air freight to sea freight, relocating inventory to optimal locations and applying route optimisation for co-loading.

A 3PL may also pass on the benefits of working with greener carriers that continuously focus on building sustainable transportation solutions. These initiatives tend to reduce costs and align with your goal of building a sustainable supply chain.

Green packaging

Traditionally, regular materials were used as packaging items without any sustainable consideration taken into account. Previously, the objective was simply the safe and timely arrival of products to the final destination. The decision on the packaging material is many times made by the manufacturer in conjunction with the shipper. More recently in some markets, it has been introduced that businesses must pay for the cost of disposing of packaging materials.

An experienced 3PL in Sydney that is managing your warehouse requirements including packing or repacking of your goods can assist by using optimal, greener, recyclable and sustainably sourced packaging material. Further, a sustainable 3PL is likely to collect and dispose of the waste packaging material in an environmentally friendly way. All these initiatives become part of the operations processes and assist businesses to reduce the risks associated with environmental regulations, packaging and disposal costs, resulting in a more sustainable supply chain.

Optimise energy use in warehouses

Warehousing operations consume energy including warehouses lighting for efficient operations, running of material handling equipment, IT infrastructure and office equipment. The energy usage forms a part of the operational cost and increases the carbon footprint if the energy used comes from higher-polluting sources.

The reduction of energy consumption in warehouse operations contributes to a business’s sustainability agenda. An experienced 3PL in Sydney is likely to understand these factors and deliver sustainable warehouse processes including design, set-up and operations services that consume the least amount of energy possible without negatively impacting the performance.

Building a sustainable supply chain is a strategic business decision to reduce the impact on the environment. Many businesses know this and collaborate with a 3PL in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or other cities in Australia to incorporate these initiatives. This collaboration will benefit businesses by reducing overall carbon footprint, energy consumption, wastage, and resource consumption.

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