Business Intelligence and Visual Data AnalyticsManagers today frequently suffer an overload of heavily data-driven, usually Excel-based, reports from both internal and external providers.

Without thorough investigation of this data, it is difficult to extract what information is pertinent and, in our time-poor work lives, this investigation is rarely performed.
An improvement to the data-driven report is the addition of visual prompts using KPIs, or highlighting areas that require attention through the use of exception fields and heat maps which, although an improvement upon a display of raw data, still does not always immediately highlight what you should be investigating while providing the underlying data to do so.

Making better business decisions

The core purpose of reports is to enable Managers to make better business decisions, and without a design that immediately draws the viewer to the data that is most critical to make these business decisions, the report’s usefulness is severely reduced.

Managers are increasingly desiring smarter reporting that still contains raw data, but that additionally incorporates a level of Business Intelligence to highlight and draw attention to the aspects of the data that require immediate attention, with the ability to drill down through additional analyses to the relevant raw data to perform further investigation.

Customers are increasingly not only expecting reports with this level of intelligence and interactivity, but that additionally assure immaculate Data Quality while providing the viewer the capability of Self-Service Data Discovery within a Cloud-available interface.

Descriptive Analytics

Data-driven reports are a result of Descriptive Analytics that analyse historical data to visually describe what has happened; and these report certainly have their place amongst a Manager’s resources, however an Intelligent report will incorporate a level of Predictive Analytics that seeks to highlight new information or identify patterns within the data.

A Service Provider that can deliver easy to digest on-demand Descriptive Analytics reports based on live data, combined with Predictive Analytics tools to present trending and forecast information, is a vital partner to ensure you have the data and tools you require to enable you to proactively and confidently manage your business.

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Author Matt Slattery BCR National IT Manager