At BCR, we pride ourselves on providing customers with solutions that can optimise their entire supply chain. Working collaboratively with our clients ensures that every aspect of their freight and logistics processes are working to help grow their business. Building strategic partnerships based on trust and transparency allows BCR to deliver tailored solutions and ensure all of our client’s needs are met, all while exceeding their expectations for customer service. See below for some real-world examples of how BCR has helped drive business growth and ease the transition to large-scale operations.

As a leading Australian business known for energy-efficient and market-leading products, ActronAir approached BCR for a freight forwarding solution that would support the expansion of their customer base while complimenting the company’s focus on sustainability and competitiveness.

Since 1984 ActronAir has been inventing, manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art air conditioning products for commercial and residential applications and now boasts a nationwide customer footprint and a supply chain extending to both European and Asian component manufacturers.

BCR’s partnership with ActronAir has consistently delivered business growth with innovative freight forwarding solutions and has allowed the company to become an industry leader, providing world-class products to an ever-expanding customer base.


ActronAir’s rapid growth since 2006 has required a logistics solution that encompasses ever-larger volumes of product and an even more complex supply chain.

A detailed analysis identified the need to develop a freight forwarding and 3PL solution that would meet the highly specific needs of ActronAir’s key customer segments. The company’s supply chain is a mix of offshore and onshore elements, requiring international freight forwarding of both air freight and sea freight (FCL and LCL) to Australia from China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and the United States.

ActronAir chose BCR to provide freight forwarding, customs and 3PL warehousing solutions based on BCR’s multi-regional expertise, efficiency and the customer-focused approach the company applies.


“There has been a consistent increase in awareness amongst consumers of both rising energy costs, and sensitivity to an environmentally friendly performance from their product choices,” Jon Maddox, ActronAir Operations Manager.

A focus on energy efficiency, innovation and sustainability across the entire business has been an advantage for the company, with strong sales results achieved thanks in part to a clear and compelling value proposition to Australian consumers. Sustainability is also a consideration in how the supply and logistics process is handled. BCR assists ActronAir to reduce its footprint both through ensuring goods are not damaged and through facilitating the transport of FCLs by sea freight wherever possible, with around 90% of the international logistics movements involving sea freight.


“We work with ActronAir as a partner meaning we are focused on delivering freight forwarding, 3PL warehousing and customs clearance and consulting solutions for the long term.” Robert Hunter, Director with BCR.

As Australian family-owned businesses, ActronAir and BCR have much in common. Both businesses take a more personalised approach to business than their competitors and believe in supplier partnerships.

They operate with a strong focus on teamwork and build relationships around providing service excellence and cultivating mutual trust. Both companies have enjoyed strong growth, driven by a culture of innovation and a deep understanding of their respective markets and the opportunities available to achieve leadership in products and service delivery.


“Over many years ActronAir has benefited from the alerts provided by BCR,” says Robert Mundy, ActronAir Director, “the alerts on new Tariff concession applications provided by BCR Customs Consultants have assisted ActronAir to remain competitive, preventing competitors from reducing the import duty they pay for equipment imported into the Australian market.”

ActronAir’s supply chain requires a 3PL solution that can swiftly and smoothly match its shifts. As an expert in global trade, BCR navigates these changes easily due to its long standing global network and reach. Tasks such as consolidating small shipments to save on costs and increase efficiency, particularly out of China, have also been facilitated by BCR’s own strong supplier relationships.

BCR has also assisted ActronAir avoid unnecessary duty payments, including strategic advice and recommendations on how to minimise duty on changes in Tariff concessions. These timely notifications have resulted in many revocation applications or objections to the granting of a new Tariff Concessions.


“ActronAir trusts BCR to make recommendations on the most appropriate and economical service for their import and export sea freight and air freight volumes,” says Mr. Hunter.

To assist ActronAir to gain visibility and cost control on international freight forwarding, BCR coordinated with its global network offices to shift their purchase terms from prepaid (CFR) to collect (FOB and EXW). This move increased visibility and control of freight movements. BCR was also able to maintain storage for them at various locations, from which BCR can then feed items through to ActronAir’s central site as required.


“Communication with ActronAir, both on a strategic and tactical level, ensures we have the most appropriate solution in place for today and for the future,” Mr. Hunter says.

Another element of the innovative 3PL freight forwarding solution was BCR securing confirmed sea freight space from Asia during busy import times, with forecasts supplied 12 weeks in advance to the selected shipping lines so the space ActronAir needs is secured.

To ensure there is a consistent framework for engagement, a dedicated BCR Account Manager proactively engages with ActronAir to report on performance, make continuous improvement recommendations and stay abreast of the overall logistics strategy. Regular review dates are continuously scheduled to ensure two way communication and trust is built and maintained.