coastal-shipping-australiaMoving cargo from the East Coast to the West Coast of Australia is an expensive exercise. Domestic transport options include rail, road and the less known option of coastal shipping. As we look towards the future, Australia’s freight and logistics task will increase, and so will road freight costs. But attention by the government towards reforms in the Australian coastal shipping industry provides a strong alternative for companies that need to move freight from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide to Perth.

Read on to learn more about recent developments in the coastal shipping debate and the cost and environmental benefits of coastal shipping.

History of Coastal Shipping in Australia

Coastal shipping has been connecting Australia since 1890, just two years before the company that preceded BCR, Frank Cridland Pty Ltd, began in 1892. Since this time, the coastal shipping trade has risen and fallen like a yo-yo based on the growth of alternative modes such as road freight and rail freight and the regulation of the Australian government. The coastal shipping trade has historically and is still serviced by both Australian flagged vessels and foreign-flagged vessels. Shippers include farmers, mining companies, manufacturers and importers.

At BCR, our coastal shipping service works specifically with companies that want a cost-effective and reliable domestic freight option to move their containerised FCL freight from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide to Fremantle and then on to other areas of Western Australia including Perth, with return options available.

Coastal shipping, is it a better option for containerised freight?

In most instances, the answer to this question is yes. For many customers who access this service, it can reduce your transport costs considerably for domestic freight that moves from the East Coast to the West Coast. Coastal shipping is also the lowest carbon-emitting mode of transport on a tonne per kilometre basis when compared to other modes, according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Economics.

Coastal shipping is a domestic transport option that is reliable with consistent transit times and can assist in lowering domestic freight costs when shipping from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide to Fremantle/Perth. The only way to know if it will work for you is to investigate. BCR specialises in domestic transport via coastal shipping so you can have confidence you are working experienced professionals. If you are interested in evaluating how coastal shipping might be able to reduce your domestic freight costs, please contact BCR by clicking the link.