When you turn to BCR for customs assistance, you receive the utmost care from one of the oldest and most pre-eminent Customs Brokerages in Australia. In fact, we were one of the first Australian Customs brokers. In Sydney in 1902, BCR forerunner Frank Cridland Pty Ltd. received corporate licence number 31 following the passing of the Customs Act in 1901. We are passionate Customs Brokers, driven to be considered the most accurate and compliant within the industry.

We regularly achieve the highest Customs audit results. We believe we are not only exceeding the industry benchmark, but protecting our customer’s interests and reputation with all barrier-control departments. As Customs Brokers and an Australian Trusted Trader service provider, we strive to exceed industry benchmarks, whilst protecting our customer’s interests and compliance with all regulatory barriers and requirements.

Customs Brokerage

As an Australian importer, do you experience delivery delays with your current customer brokerage involving the Australian Border Force (ABF) and the Department of Agriculture (DOA)?

You may be uncertain if your current Customs Broker is looking after your needs to minimise your duty exposure by integrating existing and applying for new tariff concession orders (TCO) or by requesting documentation when preferential duty rates apply. At BCR, our expert Customs Brokerage team ensures the highest level of compliance is achieved with your customs and biosecurity (quarantine) needs.

Customs Consultancy

Australian importers and exporters must receive only the most accurate customs-related advice to ensure their declarations comply with Australian Border Force (ABF) regulations. Did you know there are several customs consultancy services available to reduce customs import duty and Goods & Services Tax (GST) or to better prepare for a customs audit?

Australian Trusted Trader Accreditation

BCR is an accredited Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) that provides specialist consulting services to assist importers and exporters with the ATT accreditation process. ATT is a voluntary trade facilitation initiative that recognises businesses in Australia with a secure supply chain and compliant trade practices. Accreditation rewards businesses with a range of trade facilitation benefits and brings Australia in line with major international trading partners, joining over 70 countries with similar Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) programmes.

Tariff Concession Applications & Advice

It is no secret today’s supply chains compete against other supply chains in the quest to squeeze out costs. Your biggest competitor may be importing a similar product duty-free and you are looking for a way to reduce your customs-related expenses. You may be paying Customs duties on imported products that cannot be sourced in Australia. If a Tariff Concession is not immediately available, we have a proven process that allows us to complete an application for the product and successfully obtain the Tariff Concession on your behalf.

Duty Drawback and Tradex Advice

If you are an Australian importer who exports products that contain imported components, you may be able to claim a drawback (refund) of duty that was originally paid. In addition to this traditional means of saving on customs duties paid after goods are exported, the AusIndustry Tradex Scheme allows importers who export to gain an exemption of duty and Goods & Services Tax (GST) payments at the time of import.

Customs Compliance

If you are an Australian company that imports or exports, you have to deal with customs issues. Significant costs are at stake if you do not stay abreast of the Australian Border Force (ABF) rules and regulations. You need qualified staff to review complex information and to ensure customs declarations are current with legislative requirements. The Customs experts at BCR can assist with all your customs-related needs including critical compliance and data integrity reviews on dutiable imports.