Customs Broker Melbourne

Customs Broker Melbourne

As an Australian importer based in Melbourne. Have you experienced delays with your current customs brokerage involving the Australian Border Force (ABF) and the Department of Agriculture (DOA)?

Are you unsure of your current Melbourne customs broker’s ability to take care of your businesses needs? Are they integrating existing tariff concession order (TCO), have they applied for a new TCO, or in cases where preferential duty rates apply, requested new documentation? When you work with BCR you can rest easy knowing our professional Customs Brokerage team are working hard to achieve high-level compliance for your quarantine and customs needs.

The customs brokerage company you choose to work with is responsible for streamlining the process of shipping goods for both individuals and companies. They should have a firm grasp of all regulations and rules for the shipment of goods. A good company will follow through and ensure they are followed. BCR works to reduce the stress of dealing with customs dealers and learning regulations, allowing you to focus on your company.

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  • Lodgement of import declaration prior to arrival and thorough pre-lodgement checks of shipment documentation with the Australian
  • Border Force (ABF) and Department of Agriculture (DOA).
  • Electronic customs clearance formalities
  • Customs Consultancy Services
  • Lodgement of Full Import Declaration (FID) with ABF
  • Quarantine advice, appraisal and attendance involving DOA
  • Import Permit applications
  • Shipment monitoring and status reports
  • Landed Costing Reports
  • EDI and electronic communication with ABF via the Interactive Cargo System (ICS)

Why BCR?

Working with one of the oldest customs brokerage companies Australia is a breeze. You can trust BCR to provide the utmost care. We are counted among the first Customs Brokerage companies in Australia. Our forerunner Frank Cridland Pty Ltd. (headquartered in Sydney) received licence number 31 after the Customs act of 1901. In modern times BCR is a team of deeply passionate Customs Brokers and are committed to being the most accurate and compliant in the industry.

We are consistent high achievers in Customs Audits results. Our team exceeds and not only industry benchmarks, but protects our customer’s interests and reputations with all barrier-control departments.

International trade can be daunting and if handled poorly can pose a great risk your business. At BCR our team is made up of industry experts who work together with you to provide cost-effective solutions and professional advice, to give you the competitive edge needed to be on top.

BCR services shipping needs Australia wide, including Melbourne. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business with regular shipments, have occasional freight movement or are new to shipping. Our team is here to help.

Need a Melbourne customs broker? Contact our professional team by either filling out the form above or calling 1300 663 227.

Here at BCR, we aim to take the stress out of international shipping. Our experience in dealing with customs officials and our deep knowledge of the rules and requirements your shipping needs to meet means that we are the Melbourne customs clearance agents you can trust. Our dedicated team can help you navigate any aspect of the customs process and will ensure that your delivery course is as smooth as possible. We understand that the processes required to clear customs may seem daunting and aim to give you the peace of mind that it is being handled properly.

Government departments such as the Australian Border Force and the Department of Agriculture have strict rules and regulations that need to be complied with. At BCR, we want you to rely on us to handle this side of the process so that you can focus on what you do best. Our team of customs clearance agents in Melbourne have invaluable experience dealing with customs officials and can take the stress out of these encounters for you, should they arise.

As one of Australia’s oldest customs brokerage companies, you can be assured that we at BCR are the most efficient and knowledgeable customs brokers in Melbourne and Australia wide. The wide range of services that we provide will help you be assured that your shipment is taken care of and that the right procedures have been undertaken. BCR is the customs broker in Melbourne that can ensure that the complicated Federal regulations and requirements are met without stress.