The Australian government has a series of strict customs guidelines and regulations that businesses making deliveries must comply with. Does your business often experience delays due to intervention from government bodies such as the Australian Border Force (ABF) or the Department of Agriculture (DOA)? Customs brokerage can be a complicated area to manage but we at BCR want to provide you with simple solutions and make the shipping process an easy and stress-free experience.

Your current Perth customs broker may not be taking care of you to the greatest extent. If you are unsure that they are successfully minimising your duty exposure by integrating and applying for new tariff concession orders (TCO) or by requesting documentation when preferential duty rates apply, BCR is here to help. Our expert Perth customs clearance team will ensure that your customs and biosecurity (quarantine) needs are met to a highly satisfactory level.

At BCR, we want to ensure that the process of shipping goods is as streamline as possible. With decades of experience and extensive knowledge of the standards required to successfully clear customs, the BCR team is the team that you can trust to get your shipment delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Allow us to remove the burden of learning these requirements from you and your business and instead let us assure you that the correct processes are being implemented. Outsourcing this work to us will ensure that the job is done properly and will remove any complicated dealings with customs officials so that you can focus on doing what you do best, running your business.

See our range of customs clearance services below and talk to our friendly team to develop a plan that works for you.


  • Lodgement of import declaration prior to arrival and thorough pre-lodgement checks of shipment documentation with the Australian
  • Dealing with the Australian Border Force (ABF) and the Department of Agriculture (DOA)
  • Electronic customs clearance formalities
  • Customs Consultancy Services
  • Lodgement of Full Import Declaration (FID) with ABF
  • Quarantine advice, appraisal and attendance involving DOA
  • Import Permit applications
  • Shipment monitoring and status reports
  • Landed Costing Reports
  • EDI and electronic communication with ABF via the Interactive Cargo System (ICS)


Why BCR?

Our Perth customs clearance team are some of the most experienced customs brokers in Perth. BCR is one of the oldest customs brokerage companies in Australia and has spent decades curating extensive knowledge of customs requirements and the strategies needed to guarantee your shipment’s quick delivery.

BCR is one of the very first customs brokers to emerge in Australia. After the passing of the Customs Act in 1901, an employee from BCR’s forerunner Frank Cridland Pty Ltd. (which was headquartered in Sydney) received licence number 31 in 1902. This formed what is now known as the DIBP. We are a team of dedicated and passionate customs brokers who strive to be the most successful at complying with the regulations and getting your shipment delivered in the industry.

We pride ourselves on being regular high achievers when it comes to customs audit results. Our team works tirelessly to protect our customers’ interests and exceed industry benchmarks. We understand that a careless approach to international trade can threaten the reputation of your business and are determined to provide you with accurate and professional advice. Our solutions are cost-effective and well-developed to ensure that customs clearance is a breeze for you and your business.

Here at BCR, we are the Perth customs brokers you can trust. We understand that no two situations are the same and aim to provide you with personalised solutions for your needs. Our wide range of services are available to take the stress off the oftentimes overwhelming customs process. Whether you require lodgements of important documents, electronic customs clearance formalities or customs consultancy services and advice, our team are here to help. Our customs clearance teams are available both in Perth and Australia wide.

International shipping doesn’t have to be a daunting and complicated process. At BCR, we can act as an intermediary between your business and government bodies such as the Australian Border Force and the Department of Agriculture. Our experience in this area will ensure that there is as little intervention from these bodies as possible and that any issues that do arise are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

At BCR, we aim to make the customs process as seamless and pain-free as possible. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and give you the peace of mind that your delivery is safe and secure. If you’re looking for a Perth customs broker, look no further than BCR.

Talk to our team today to discuss your Perth customs brokerage needs and find solutions that work for you. Fill out the form above or contact our friendly and reliable team on 1300 663 227.