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Duty Drawback and Tradex Advice

Duty Drawback and Tradex Advice

If you are an Australian importer who exports products that contain imported components, you may be able to claim a drawback (refund) of duty that was originally paid. In addition to this traditional means of saving on customs duties paid after goods are exported, the AusIndustry Tradex Scheme allows importers who export to gain an exemption of duty and Goods & Services Tax (GST) payments at the time of import.


The BCR customs experts are your partner for duty drawback and Tradex exemptions. Allow us to process your duty drawback claims using one of 3 methods available by Customs to facilitate a refund of import duty. We provide exporters of imported products with advice and assistance through the Tradex Scheme to improve your cash flow by an upfront exemption of import duty and GST. We can also provide additional guidance in the reporting requirements and limitations in place for the Tradex Scheme to ensure compliance and establish a streamlined process to reduce your associated expenses. BCR capabilities include:

  • Duty drawback claims
  • Tradex Scheme requirements
  • Customs clearance
  • Customs consultancy
  • Export declarations