Exporting goods to another country is a complex process, involving many parties with many rules, approvals and compliance procedures to follow. If you already export as a small- to medium-sized business or you are new to exporting, you can save time and money with BCR professional export services. We are experts in Australian export regulations as well as import rules and regulations of foreign countries. Whether you are based in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or a regional centre, if you need assistance with all or part of your export processes, the BCR team works hard to ensure your goods, and its related documents, flow smoothly and efficiently.

Our global team of trade professionals are experts in trade-document creation and delivery. We prepare and issue all required paperwork involved in international trade, such as commercial documents, financial documents, transport documents, insurance documents, and other international trade-related documents. Trust BCR for its expertise in International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) protocols (Incoterms and UCP6001, ISBP2, URC 5223) and coordinating with banks to ensure banking compliance.

Our export services also include:

  • Letter of credit negotiation and bank lodgment: prepare all export documentation to comply with letters of credit, on Documents against Payment (DP) or Documents against Acceptance (DA) terms.
  • Due diligence for prospective exports: if you are planning to export new commodities to any country or to export to a new country, we can advise you on export regulations, including those in the importing country, and any other regulatory requirements.
  • Each major port in Australia have subtle operating differences. BCR will keep you updated and appraised on any matters that may impact on your valuable export shipments; whether they be departing from the Port of Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth (Fremantle).

Compliance-related export documentation

BCR export specialists will manage all trade compliance and communication to ensure your goods are cleared for export. Our cloud-based, fully automated export system manages the end-to-end export process, including the following export and shipping documentation:

  • Customs compliance: Export Declarations Numbers (EDN) from Australian Border Force
  • Certificates of Australian Origin: all types of Certificates of Origin (COO) from any Chamber of Commerce across Australia
  • Department of Agriculture Export Documentation System (EXDOC) compliance: Request for Permits (RFPs) and Health/Phytosanitary certificates from Department of Agriculture for all commodities
  • Export permits and Certificates of Clearance (COC)
  • Port compliance: submission of Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) and Verified Gross Container Mass (VGM)

Your outsourced export division

Allow the BCR export team to act as your entire export division. Your export processes will be streamlined with our end-to-end functionality involving export documentation and regulatory approval needs. Outsourcing your export requirements to BCR allows you to reduce staff resources and overhead costs by transferring back-office functions to our expert team. Our teams are conveniently located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Whether you choose to outsource all or part of your export functions, you will receive a seamless, up-to-date and cost-effective service that ultimately improves your margins and profits with these benefits:

  • Reduced staff and overhead costs by eliminating the need to work with foreign regulations and laws
  • More time to concentrate on business development or other tasks
  • Improved organizational efficiencies and minimized risks with enhanced document processes
  • Improved control of the supply chain with 100 percent electronic documents, and tracking of shipments and documents
  • Increased customer visibility with timely, compliant export services
  • Enhanced supply chain visibility with management reports, including KPI (key performance indicator) reports, status reports

At BCR, we understand that export services require expert knowledge of the many factors to navigate in the international sphere. When you work with BCR, you can confidently say that we are the number one export agency you can rely on to accumulate this knowledge. We then use this knowledge to get the job done well and with a stress-free delivery process. Our primary services include export documentation creation and delivery and compliance-related export documentation management. We have years of experience with these documents’ requirements and can ensure that they are handled correctly. We can also act as an export division for your company. Outsourcing all the work in this area to us will save you time and resources on your end and ensure that your exports are handled with care and accuracy.

We want to ensure that the goods you export are delivered smoothly and efficiently, and we have decades of experience in navigating this process. If you are looking for an export company that can provide you with an unparalleled experience, then look no further than BCR. Our services are suited to any industry. Talk to one of our friendly export agents for an export consultancy that can answer your questions and find you and your business a solution.