Choosing the right Brisbane freight forwarder can be overwhelming, and akin to shopping in your local building supplies store for a screw or fastener. You thought you knew what your requirement was, until you were presented with a plethora of options. Now you’re just confused.

Selecting the right Brisbane freight forwarder is similar. It simply comes down to asking yourself the following question:

“What is the problem that I am trying to solve?”

  • Does your business need your product(s) to arrive into Brisbane with the utmost urgency to ensure production is not halted? The opportunity cost of not having the part arrive in time is that the production line stops, and there is a loss of sales and your reputation is impacted. Therefore, Air Freight becomes an essential service into Brisbane.
  • Is your product arriving damaged? If you are exporting to an overseas buyer, do you have quality controls in Brisbane for whom is packing your cargo? If you are importing, do you have the quality controls overseas? The cost of repair or replacement is very high.
  • Do you have no visibility when your products that you order from your overseas seller will arrive into Brisbane?
  • Is my business focussed on price, when in fact the problem I really need to solve, if resolved by my Brisbane based freight forwarder, will save dollars in the medium and long term?

The questions are endless, and unique to your business requirements. Ultimately, it is your freight forwarders role to work with you and to solve these problems for you. There’s always a cheaper price in the market. What’s important is that your freight forwarder is providing you value, with customer excellence at the fore.

At BCR, our passion for outstanding customer service is reflected in our high levels of our customer satisfaction and retention. With a dedicated Sales and Customer Service office in Brisbane, the BCR international freight forwarders will work closely with you to develop the optimum solution — as part of your overall freight management strategy — for your particular logistics challenge. With our personalised, responsive customer service, your freight will be in good hands.

Brisbane Air Freight Forwarding

In 2020, Brisbane will open it’s 2nd runway, effectively doubling its current capacity as a domestic terminal and gateway to the world. BCR Brisbane is geographically located just a few hundred metres from Brisbane Airport and is poised to serve your international or domestic airfreight needs.

At BCR, we understand the strategy and logistics planning that goes into air freight. We also understand that problems arise that require urgent attention and the fast transit times that only an Airfreight service can resolve. We have the global network and relationships with the world’s airlines and logistics service providers to bring you personalised service. We are an established air freight forwarder, accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Our control measures and caring, personalised and local customer service means your air freight arrives in top condition and order. Like clockwork.

Air Freight Solutions

  • We go the extra mile to obtain any advantages including scheduling and service levels
  • Your dedicated Brisbane-based BCR Customer Service team is familiar with your requirements, preferences and delivery deadlines
  • Same-day delivery for early morning flight arrivals within Australia and beyond
  • Access to direct and consolidated freight services give you a greater selection of rate versus time scenarios and price points
  • Proactive Customs processing through BCR’s own customs brokerage team

Air Freight Services

Brisbane Sea Freight Forwarding

The Port of Brisbane is on the rise, with year on year record throughput. Whether you’re exporting from Brisbane, or importing into the Port of Brisbane, it’s important your freight forwarders provide value to your business. BCR provides a range of Sea freight solutions to meet your business needs, all underpinned by customer excellence and a local, personalise service.

Sea Freight Solutions

  • Centralised team of sea freight procurement specialists offer you multiple carrier options, including express, direct and transhipment services
  • Receive consistent and flexible global service for sea freight via our carefully selected global partner network
  • 24/7 cargo visibility via our BCR Live portal for our premium customers
  • International freight indexing to facilitate better local decision making, demand planning and forecasting
  • Integration of sea freight into a complete supply chain solution
  • Freight priority: receive available space even in times of peak demand to reliably link your deliveries with vessel space

Sea Freight Services

  • International sea freight: full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL), import and export throughout all major world regions and Australia
  • Coastal shipping ex Brisbane to Fremantle (Perth)
  • Out-of-gauge and project cargo shipments
  • Dangerous goods
  • Cargo insurance options
  • Specialised export services including export documentation, export compliance, coordination with banks for banking compliance and more

Domestic Transport

BCR offer options that cover all of the bases: rail freight, road, and interstate transport solutions, coastal shipping and air freight. Let the BCR Brisbane experts customise solutions across multiple modes of transport that achieve the perfect balance of cost and transit time.

Coastal Shipping

BCR was at the forefront of establishing coastal shipping in Australia in 1994. BCR offers sea freight coastal shipping solutions from the ports of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to Fremantle (Perth) as a gateway to the rest of Western Australia. Our logistics expertise and relationships with multiple carriers allow us to eliminate up to 40 percent of costs from your intra-Australia shipping or total supply chain expenditures (depending on your shipping patterns) versus road or rail alternatives.

Domestic Transport Solutions

  • A one-stop transportation management solution for the design and execution of your transportation plan: road, rail, air, and sea or any combination
  • Efficient, friendly and personalised customer service: the BCR dedicated Brisbane team approach, supported by offices across Australia, means your domestic freight is managed door-to-door by trusted BCR team members.
  • 24/7 cargo visibility and online order tracking via our Web Tracking system

Domestic Transport Service, Road and Rail

  • Australia-wide for full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL), trailer load (semi, B-double and road trains), express courier, priority, heavy and over-dimensional freight
  • Professional procurement ensures you pay for and receive only what you need
  • FCL rail intrastate, interstate; integration with your global supply chain via import/export sea freight services