Are you in desperate need of logistical support for your business? If the answer is a resounding “yes”, then you should contact our company – BCR.

Our history

Our company was founded way back in 1892, making us one of the oldest freight forwarders in Perth. BCR founder, Frank Cridland, a country teen from Mudgee, received his first taste of life working in the export business when he joined Wright Heaton at 15. Just four years later, Cridland had decided to branch out from Wright Heaton and move into the industry as an independent export services provider.

Named “Frank Cridland and Company”, the business took off and towards the end of the 19th century and branched into the customs agent industry. To this day, customs services are critical to BCR’s core portfolio. During the Great Depression, Cridland’s business became a Sydney icon, working on the construction of the famed Sydney Harbour Bridge. Cridland was fortunate enough to have a contract with one of the primary construction companies, which required him to coordinate the delivery and transportation of latticework using several six-horse teams.

Following the Second World War, Ray Katte from Queensland joined the agency as a clerk. After 20 years with the Cridland Company, Katte started his enterprise called the Katte Customs Agency. Despite only starting with 4 customers, it quickly grew and later absorbed the Cridland Company in 1985. Building on this development, new offices were established across other major cities in Australia.

Our values

As one of the best freights forwarding businesses in Perth and broader Australia, our work ethic is underscored by several corporate values. Indeed, these values are critical to our success, reputation in the community, and devotion to providing our clients with the best possible solutions.

Ecological sustainability

All businesses that provide freight forwarding in Perth should be mindful of environmental concerns and sustainable measures. We work with companies on developing green, ethical partnerships with our clients, leveraging our standing in the industry to achieve more optimal environmental outcomes. We have developed a highly efficient recycling program in terms of what we do internally, thereby minimising our use of paper and non-renewable resources. In the same vein, we’ve been gradually shifting our workforce and content to more digital platforms, similarly reducing our need for physical documentation.


Another core value at BCR is passion. We believe that passion and commitment are instrumental to any business, regardless of the industry or service. What separates us from freight forwarders in Perth is our focus and dedication to the task at hand. Indeed, the efficient importation and exportation of physical cargo are essential to any open, trading economy. For global companies that provide merchandise to various markets, our services are vital in connecting markets and fostering trade globalisation.

Customer satisfaction

Another value that underscores our freight forwarding in Perth is customer satisfaction. We want our customers to be content and satisfied with what we do and how we can help them. This is why we offer premium freight forwarding in Perth at affordable, fair rates. We always maintain transparent communication with our clients, ensuring that they know what is happening with their merchandise and how everything is tracking. Our reliable supply chain management platform guarantees that our clients receive status updates on specific shipments, minimising delays or potential shortfalls. With BCR, you are always kept in the loop!

Core services

As one of the pre-eminent freight forwarders in Perth, we provide a range of critical services relating to export and import processes. Concerning freight forwarding in Perth, we can assist with the following:

Sea cargo

Sea cargo remains one of the most common methods of freight forwarding in Perth. When you’re shipping to and from Australia (especially Western Australia), you will likely encounter many challenges. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic stifling international travel and trade, there’s no question that global supply chains have been forced to adapt to new blockers. Thankfully, the team at BCR can facilitate sea cargo transportation with minimal disruptions.

Air cargo

If you need your merchandise delivered punctually, then air travel is your best bet. Air cargo systems involve tight planning schedules to ensure continuity of supply. Because these schedules are incredibly tight (and the margin for error is so small), a freight forwarding provider in Perth (like us) can streamline this process. We will ensure that your products are delivered safely, smoothly, on time, and in a cost-effective manner.

Coastal shipping

Since 1890, coastal shipping has been a vital component of freight forwarding in Perth. For over a century, BCR has helped small, medium, and large businesses with their coastal shipping needs. If you need to move your merchandise domestically (from the east coast to the west coast of Australia), road transport is generally not recommended, primarily because of time constraints and high costs. Instead, please consult with our team for effective and reliable coastal shipping pathways.