Are you importing Japanese freight to Australia? Are you shipping product to Japan from Australia? Organising connections and paperwork to make these shipments happen can be complicated. An international freight forwarder removes the complexity so you can focus on what matters – meeting your customers’ expectations. BCR is one such freight forwarder that can get your product moving, whether it’s being shipped by sea or air. We have many years of experience in transporting full container loads (FCL) or consolidating less than a container load (LCL) for cost-effective shipping.

BCR offers freight forwarding services between Japan and Australia including air freight forwarding and sea freight forwarding.

Japan global trade and manufacturing

Japan is the world’s third largest economy following the United States and China. Its strength is its manufacturing, a reliable and stable workforce and an efficient transportation network.

Japan to Australia trade

Japan is Australia’s key trading partner in Asia and second largest overall. The two countries’ annual imports and exports are valued at over $59 billion.

To build on existing trade, the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement was introduced and removed many tariffs and trading barriers. The trade agreement will ensure Japan remains one of Australia’s most significant trading partners in Asia.

With these close economic ties, Australian business can look to Japan as a source of high-tech manufacturing in Asia.

Common goods exported from Japan to Australia

Some of the world’s leading car, electronic and biotech companies are headquartered in Japan. This is due to its highly industrialised economy with a strong manufacturing industry. Japanese factories produce:

  • Automotive / Cars and car parts
  • Robotics
  • Steel and aluminium
  • Electronics and Computers
  • Consumer goods
  • Chemicals

BCR, being in business for more than a century, can draw on many years of experience in importing automotive products, electronics and computers as well as consumer goods.

Major ports in Japan

Japan’s manufacturing is found in or close to the country’s five busiest ports – Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama.

With manufacturing located close to or in these ports, transportation of product from factory to export to Australia is efficient. BCR works with business customers to coordinate the movement of products from Japanese factories to the final Australian destination.

Regularly international cargo ships depart Japan going to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Freight forwarding from Japan to Australia with BCR

BCR’s freight forwarding services between Japan and Australia include:

  • Air freight forwarding Japan-Australia
  • Sea freight forwarding Japan-Australia

Additional BCR services:

The logistics experts at BCR will get your international freight moving from Japan to many locations in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and more.

We understand that based on season and other influences the quantity of goods you need fluctuates. You may need to import or export smaller LCLs or numerous FCL shipments. BCR offers consolidation and multiple carrier options to ensure cargo is received when it’s needed.

When it comes to getting your cargo here, you want to have confidence that you are working with a freight forwarding and 3PL logistics partner that has experience. You don’t want to be the guinea pig in terms of their experience with an origin or commodity. Medium sized freight forwarding companies have the scope to deliver the services that will be required and are small enough to provide personalised service and customised solutions.

Importing from Japan can be complicated. But the rewards in terms of cost savings can improve your company’s bottom line. Follow these tips and do your research and you too can benefit from importing from Japan.

For more than a century, BCR has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics solution with warehousing and transportation, including air freight and sea freight services to and from the major ports including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).