Are you an Australian business importing freight from the UK (United Kingdom)? Are you exporting product to the UK from Australia? Without the assistance of an experienced freight forwarder, the connections and paperwork required can be complicated and time consuming. By using an international freight forwarder the complexity is removed and you can focus on what matters – meeting your customers’ expectations.

BCR is one such freight forwarder that can get your product moving, whether it’s being shipped by sea freight or air freight. We can handle large volumes of FCLs (full container loads) or can consolidate many LCLs (less than a container load) for cost-effective freight forwarding.

BCR offers freight forwarding services between the UK and Australia including air freight forwarding and sea freight forwarding.

Global trade and manufacturing in the UK

The UK is a strong world economy with a significant manufacturing sector. Globally, the UK has a reputation for building high quality cars and engines, aeroplanes and parts as well as pharmaceuticals.

UK to Australia trade

The UK and Australia have a combined annual trade over $14.7 billion. This is the result of the two countries’ longstanding historic ties.

The Australian and the UK governments meet regularly to discuss trade and other issues. With this close economic relationship, Australian business can look to the UK as a source of premium manufacturing.

Common goods imported from the UK to Australia

UK goods imported to Australia include:

Further, the UK is a large exporter of plastics, electronics, medical and technical equipment. To smoothly ship these goods from the factory to Australia, customers require comprehensive freight forwarding coordination.

BCR draws on many years of freight forwarding experience in importing automotive products, machinery and engines as well as consumer goods to make shipment operations move smoothly and consistently.

Common goods exported to the UK from Australia

The UK is a large market for Australia with businesses importing metals, wine, alcoholic beverages and food. This trade makes the UK Australia’s largest European export market.

BCR coordinates the movement of product from Australia to the UK for business customers. This coordination includes the management of freight through the supply chain from end to end.

Major ports in the UK

The UK’s manufacturing is found in or close to the country’s busiest ports – London, Liverpool, Southampton, Dover, Felixstowe and Newcastle.

Manufacturing is also found in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, Belfast, Leeds and Sunderland.

With manufacturing located close to or in these ports, transportation of product from factory to export is efficient. BCR works with business customers to coordinate the movement of products from the UK to the final Australian destination.

Regularly international cargo ships depart the UK going to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. In addition, BCR coordinates air freight from the UK to Australia for customers who need their products fast.

BCR Freight services between the UK and Australia

BCR’s freight forwarding services between the UK and Australia include:

  • Air freight forwarding UK-Australia
  • Sea freight forwarding UK-Australia

The logistics experts at BCR will get your international freight moving from the UK to many locations in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and more.

We understand that based on season and other influences the quantity of goods you need fluctuates. You may need to import or export smaller LCLs or numerous FCL shipments. BCR offers consolidation and multiple carrier options to ensure cargo is received when it’s needed.

Additional BCR services: