If you import goods into Australia or export around the globe you will need a reliable and experienced Freight Forwarding partner to understand your requirements and provide solutions accordingly.

Whether you have cargo needs for import or export via sea freight or air freight, or frequent domestic coastal shipping within Australia, you need a freight forwarding service that understands your requirements. At BCR, our passion for outstanding customer service is reflected in the high levels of our customer satisfaction. With offices in BrisbaneSydney, Melbourne, and Perth, the BCR international freight forwarding experts will work closely with you to develop the optimum solution as part of your overall freight management strategy. With our personalised, responsive customer service, your freight will be in good hands.

Sea Freight

International sea freight shipping to/from Australia can be a complicated process and the challenges can make it hard to eliminate all the potential pitfalls with limited in-house resources. Add the challenge that the Corona Virus is presenting to your supplies chain, and it’s a tough gig! Partnering with a professional freight forwarder to manage your sea freight can be your best option, so you can leverage their experienced teams, global networks, and world-class IT infrastructure and ensure your cargos reach their destination efficiently, cost-effectively and on time.

Air Freight

Airfreight is a fast-moving industry and often moving cargo involves tight planning schedules. Airfreight shipments by definition are urgent and can provide continuity of supply in terms of cargo movements. With tight schedules, it is critical that planning and executing airfreight shipments are exact. Luckily, most of the potential risks can be pro-actively managed or avoided by aligning with a freight forwarding partner that understands your company’s needs. They will ensure that what needs to get airborne does – smoothly, cost-effectively, and with minimal time-wasting for the operations team. By finding an established freight forwarder and taking advantage of their knowledge and experience, your company will minimise the risk of any schedule disruptions.

Coastal Shipping

Coastal shipping has been connecting Australia since 1890, just two years before the company that preceded BCR, Frank Cridland Pty Ltd, began in 1892. Since this time, the coastal shipping trade has risen and fallen based on the growth of alternative modes such as road freight and rail freight and the regulation of the Australian government. The coastal shipping trade has historically and is still serviced by both Australian flagged vessels and foreign-flagged vessels. Moving cargo from the East Coast to the West Coast of Australia is an expensive exercise by road transport with the Coastal Shipping offering a cost-effective solution.

For more than a century, BCR has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics solution with freight forwarding, warehousing, and transportation, including air freight and sea freight services to and from the major ports including BrisbaneSydneyMelbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).


If your business is exporting or importing goods, and you don’t have the necessary resources or experience to manage this internally, you need a reliable freight forwarding service like BCR to help you. At BCR, our specialist freight forwarding team will give you a wide range of options and help you in building the best possible import/export supply chain for your business.

No matter if you are importing or exporting, BCR is able to deal with all relevant stakeholders and ensure that your goods arrive safely and on time. Regardless of what your freight forwarding needs are, you can trust BCR to handle all the details on your behalf.

We have been doing this for a long time, so we know all the ins and outs of this process. This is why so many of our customers choose to trust both our team and our procedures – our unrivalled experience speaks for itself.

Instead of struggling with this process yourself, you can engage our freight forwarding services and get a better result for a lower price. We will efficiently liaise and negotiate with various carriers on your behalf to construct the quickest and most economical transport route for your goods, whether it be by land, air, or sea.

Leave it to us, so you can focus on the core competencies of your business without having any doubts about your supply chain. If you’re looking for a reliable freight forwarder in Australia, look no further than the specialists at BCR.