Coastal Shipping

Coastal Shipping

BCR offers east coast sea freight coastal shipping solutions from the ports of BrisbaneSydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to Fremantle (Perth) as a gateway to the rest of Western Australia. Our logistics expertise and relationships with multiple carriers allow us to eliminate additional costs from your intra-Australia shipping or total supply chain expenditures (depending on your shipping patterns) versus road or rail alternatives.

For more than a century, BCR has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics solution with warehousing and transportation, including air freight and sea freight services to and from the major ports including BrisbaneSydneyMelbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).


  • Containerised and break-bulk consignments
  • More options given multiple sailing times per week
  • Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide loading for shipments to Fremantle (Perth), including onward transportation via road or rail to the final destination
  • Shipments from Fremantle (Perth) to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide


  • Significantly reduced east coast to west coast transport costs
  • Warehouse on the water: potential to eliminate or reduce land-based warehousing and storage costs
  • Consistent customer delivery schedules with multiple weekly options
  • Coastal shipping is the lowest carbon-emitting mode of transport on a tonne per kilometre basis versus other modes, according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE)


At BCR, we pride ourselves on our reputation as a reliable and respected coastal shipping company. We offer a comprehensive range of coastal freight services to ports across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Fremantle. This provides a gateway to the rest of Western Australia.

For many years, our logistics expertise has evolved and grown, ensuring that we can create long-standing relationships with multiple carriers. These favourable business connections ensure that we can eliminate up to 40 per cent of costs from your intra-Australia shipping or total supply chain expenditures (depending on your shipping patterns) versus road or rail alternatives.

Since our establishment in the 1890s, BCR has been assisting businesses (small, medium, and large) with logistics and enterprise resource planning. For every business, the supply chain is arguably the most vital component. We help companies achieve optimum logistics solutions, drawing on our experience with merchandise forwarding, warehousing, transportation, shipping, storage, and other processes related to reliable coastal shipping.

Coastal Freight Specialty

More than your average coastal shipping company, BCR is a professional and comprehensive logistics solutions company and this has been our expertise since our inception. A notable specialty to include is the connectivity offered between the two sides of the country, notably from east to west and west to east coastal shipping specialisation. Connecting ports in Perth to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane with superior efficiency, and careful consideration to maintaining proficient coastal freight channel integrity.


So, how do our coastal shipping solutions specifically help our clients? Well, our primary goal is simple: lower your cargo costs and streamline your delivery times and supply levels to ensure your customers are always happy. By leveraging our global network, we can assist with large-scale containerization and break-bulk consignments, which are critical in lowering your per-unit costs and fostering economies of scale.

Also, working with us will ensure that you have more options for coastal freight processes. We can ensure that you’ll have access to multiple departure times every week through our partnerships with various carriers, thereby suiting your needs and operational schedules. Regardless of where your merchandise needs to go, we will ensure that your orders are transported safely and securely (via rail, road, air, or sea).


BCR has a rich history in the coastal shipping industry. After being established as the “Frank Cridland and Company”, the business founder (Cridland himself) slowly established himself as one of the best independent carters in Sydney. By working with BCR, you benefit from the expertise and experiences of a firm with extensive industry knowledge.

Moreover, our long history of operation also means we have a strong network of suppliers. This has significantly reduced our east coast to west coast transport costs, thereby maximising your long-term profitability. We also pride ourselves on our capabilities for industry innovation and upskilling, including water-based warehousing. To streamline your coastal freight procedures, we have been able to eliminate or reduce land-based warehousing for specific clients, which results in lower storage costs for clients.

If you want to work with a coastal shipping company that commits to consistent delivery times and schedules, then BCR should be at the top of your list. Our approach works well with businesses that need to deliver their products (such as perishable items) consistently. If the products need storage and refrigeration, then do not stress for we can also coordinate resources with our carriers to handle this.

If your business prides itself on its environmental footprint and ecological strategies, then you’ll be pleased to know that we, at BCR, do the same. We encourage our clients to consider coastal shipping arrangements because it is the lowest carbon-emitting mode of transport (based on tonnes per kilometre). Compared to other methods (road, rail, and air), coastal freight channels are the most environmentally sound.

More importantly, we endeavour to follow up on our principles internally, which is why we have a comprehensive in-house recycling program. This program is designed to minimise our reliance on paper and instead transition our documentation to digitized forms. This ensures that we are minimising our dependence on paper products and reducing our carbon footprint.

With us, you’ll also have greater transparency and awareness of what is happening to your merchandise and cargo shipments. With our premium inventory management platform, you’ll receive live status updates on the movements of your imports/exports and when they’ll arrive/depart. This ensures that you can make informed, erudite strategic decisions about your business in real-time. Having access to a plethora of information will ensure that your business can maximise its profitability and revenue streams while reducing costs.

Overall, coastal shipping remains a critical facet of modern economies. With the COVID-19 pandemic stifling global supply chains’ fluidity, it’s worth investing time into a reliable coastal shipping company in 2021. It will help you adapt to changing economic trends.