The eCommerce boom is still in its crescendo in many ways it would appear, and the 3PL providers of Australia and the world continue to adapt in various ways and with varying levels of efficacy. As one of the longest standing logistics and supply chain solutions providers for Australia, we’ve seen every iteration and innovation you can imagine when it comes to making 3PL and supply chains more effective, reliable, and efficient.

No doubt many of you have noticed the trend towards online shopping in recent years. Exacerbated by the pandemic, this trend has seen 3PL providers become more integral in modern businesses and with a further reach and expectation than ever before. New pressures and expectations bring the necessity for quality 3PL services to be utilised by businesses to ensure their customers are receiving ordered goods in a prompt and efficient manner.

The exponential increase in consumer spending online, as well as consumption habits and overall expectations have also prompted our industry to roll our sleeves up and make some necessary changes to how we approach 3PL in general to better serve the modern requirements of eCommerce.

Fast Tracking New Technologies

As more companies become more reliant on third-party logistics providers to assist with the supply chain and distribution side of their business, there is an adaptation to consumption habits that need to be taken into account.

In days gone by, 3PL providers could get away with the old-school methodologies, however, consumers are a lot more attuned to their own desires when it comes to deliveries and transparency. Adopting technologies that assist with this newfound demand have therefore been accelerated by 3PL providers.

Technology adoption in distribution channels for example has seen some impressive yields and adaptation. From optimised routing programs to superior tracking capabilities thanks to IoT technology and innovative connectivity facilities.

Management & Intuitive Software

Adoption isn’t just in the physical technologies and hardware – software and digitisation have steadily increased the capability and reach of 3PL providers in the eCommerce boom.

These programs cover everything from automation being implemented in warehousing facilities to assist with peak busy periods to route optimisation programs that automatically plan the most optimal route for effective distribution. A Warehouse Management System or WMS has been a huge help in establishing a concise and digital account of stock levels.

These programs are becoming more intuitive with each iteration as well, with insights into trends and proposals given to 3PL providers as well as companies to better adapt and optimise the flow of goods and delegate focus where applicable.

Out With The Old

Part of effective adaptation is the denunciation of the old ways, letting go of the paper-filled and often convoluted systems that were once normal in the logistics industry. Modern consumers and consumption trends and demands have highlighted the need for end-to-end connectivity and live updating capabilities.

Consistent updates with technology are necessary to meet the increasing demand, as well as provide a more holistic and intuitive experience for clients and their customers. The infrastructure that is already present in quality 3PL services need to keep up with emerging technologies and software in order to provide the experiences that eCommerce clients expect.

The BCR Solution

As you can see, we’re huge proponents of growing with the times and adapting to the everchanging market and landscape. We’ve been adapting and providing solutions for clients for over 100 years and have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. We provide robust, personalised and reliable logistics and supply chain solutions.

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