There may be some operations managers for SMEs that wonder what it is Australian freight forwarding companies do differently and how they can add value to a company’s freight operations.

People may think freight forwarding is clearly defined and easy to manage in-house. However, diving a little deeper it can often be seen that there can be glitches in performance, deficiencies in operations, distorted landed costs and errors in management.

Realistically, getting shipping right requires extensive knowledge of the sector, a professional team, best available technology and industry experience.

This is exactly what freight forwarding companies possess, and provide as part of their service package on the basis of economical monthly charges.

Read on to discover how freight forwarding companies can change your approach to shipping and enhance it both financially and operationally.

Ship economically with the right combination of air freight and sea freight

Operation managers always prefer sea freight over air freight when looking for benefits like bulk shipping, simpler operations and low freight costs. However, sudden demand spikes and potential lack of supply mean needing a fast carrier. A knee-jerk reaction of just opting for costlier and more complicated air freight services is not always the right response. It can not only reduce profit margins, but there are also more risks of mistakes with air freight.

Freight forwarding companies have established relationships with all the airlines and due to the volume of cargo they consign, they can negotiate the best rate.

Pre-calculated landed cost and transit time

Keeping shipping costs and transit time to a minimum are two of the most important KPIs for any logistics solutions manager. To achieve them, you need to be aware of the landed cost associated with any choice of modes and carriers to make the soundest choices.

Getting all this data, however, is time-consuming and requires detailed, global knowledge of precise local charges for each import, export or transit point.

Freight forwarding companies live and breathe this information, making it simple to provide you with exact landed cost figures and transit timeframes.

Get urgent cargo onboard even at the last minute

Operation managers understand that urgent cargo requires immediate action as even a single day’s delay can impact sales or result in cancelled orders.

Ensuring end-to-end transport solutions are organised, and the appropriate paperwork is managed rapidly is vital, which is where an established freight forwarder can assist. Their relationships with both sea freight and air freight providers enable them to obtain space for your goods as a priority even at the 11th hour.

Prepare in advance to avoid detention and demurrage

Having detention and demurrage occur on any of your shipments is one of the biggest nightmares for any operations manager. They know that apart from increased landed cost, they also delay the cargo potentially for days. Knowledge of all required documentation, proper packaging and ensuring all applicable regulations have been adhered to are key to avoid these hassles.

Having years of experience in the industry and global networks means freight forwarders can access all the required information easily and quickly – and they can respond rapidly to any change in requirements.

Benefit from the latest technology

Having piles of physical paperwork or spending hours on the phone to manage shipping are things of the past. Online freight management, transport management systems, barcodes and RFIDs are among the technologies that have revolutionised the freight forwarding industry. Today from booking to tracking, operations managers can complete all the required tasks within minutes.

Freight forwarding companies have adopted these kinds of state-of-the-art systems as part of their toolkit, ensuring fast and accurate data and information flow throughout the supply chain. Their up-to-date systems and strict data privacy and security arrangements are yours to leverage when you partner with them.

Move with the times to manage your freight

Australian freight forwarding companies have evolved enormously over recent years. With their well-established networks, professional teams, superior technology and years of experience they have also changed the face of the shipping industry.

This means operations managers can move on from old-school methods in managing cargo and meet customer demand cost-effectively, efficiently and with greater certainty through aligning with the right freight forwarding partner.

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