Coastal Freight is the new frontier for businesses looking to improve their shipping rates across the country and internationally. With the rise of COVID-19, effective delivery is now important more than ever for businesses to effectively distribute their products and services. This is where coastal freight shipping can help, ensuring you can deliver to your customers swiftly, efficiently, and at an affordable price. Let’s dive in and see why businesses are turning to coastal freight for their shipping solutions.

What is coastal freight?

Coastal freight is the transportation of cargo that is shipped domestically through ocean container ships. Traveling between states across Australia, goods are delivered traveling through the coast. This differs from the usual road and rail shipping, which is a much more complex and costly process for larger deliveries. Coastal freight is not used as often as the road and rail services as it is typically seen as more readily available and convenient solution. International trade has become more of a popular choice compared to domestic trade, leading to a lack of coastal freight shipping for businesses. However, coastal freight is one of the finest and cheapest options for delivering which we will get into in the next section.

What are the benefits of coastal freight?


Nowadays, customers want faster shipping rates for their delivered products. Coastal freight is the answer to this as it is a timely and effective solution to delayed orders. For one thing, logistics services offer an abundant range of options of the amount of sailing times to ship out products within a week. This gives you access to a range of different carriers through their connections, making sure you have shipment schedule that suits your business timeframe. It is highly organised, with coordinated schedules and shipments between multiple ports. With their services, they can provide automated updates to allow business to know any important information on that status of your shipments, including imports, exports, arrival and departure times. This gives you transparency allowing you to trust in coastal freight services, which will give you fast paced delivery, keeping your customers satisfied.

Good networks

Coastal freight services are highly beneficial due to the good relationships they have with a range of carriers across a variety of locations across the country. At BCR, we have grown exponentially in our experience in logistics to be able to have loyal connections with numerous carriers. A good list of networks allows businesses with perishable products to be delivered with proper storage and refrigeration. Through a good repour and coordination, coastal freight services organise with carriers to keep your products in proper condition. In this way, by having a good line of networks, this can reduce the costs by up to 40% of shipping expenses, in comparison to rail or road solutions.

Cost Effective

As mentioned in the last point, coastal freight services can reduce your shipping expenses significantly. This is seen when it comes to transportation from the East to West coast, whereby costs are massively reduced. This is because of the removal or reduction of warehousing and storage costs on land which are much more expensive. Coastal freight provides a warehouse on the water, reducing the cost of storage for clients which makes it a much more affordable shipping solution.

Why Choose Coastal Freight?

Coastal freight services are the perfect shipping solution for any business. Whether small or large scale, they deliver your products and goods in a fast, effective and friendly manner. With their good connections, affordable prices and efficient services, its no wonder why people are switching to coastal freight for all their shipping solutions. Here’s a service that delivers!