At BCR, we’ve always maintained a certain focus and illumination on the ever-present utility of data and analytical applications of vital information in all facets of third party logistics. For us, data has always been instrumental in the execution of our duties as well as the foundational material we use to formulate real-world solutions for clients.

While the collation of data has always been an important factor in third party logistics and the collection of information has always been part and parcel with the status quo. It is the specified use of this data and the way in which it is considered that ultimately determines the efficacy of the third party logistics solutions we provide.

The application of this immeasurable amount of data we now have access to has allowed us to flourish and continuously improve our ability to exceed expectations for clients. We’ve been providing third party logistics solutions and services for the people of Australia for over 130 years so trust us when we say, data is and always will be, the propellant for assurance.

How Data Provides A Scope For Transportation Solutions

Having a broad spectrum of informational platforms and data-collecting practices has always allowed us to maintain a solid and accurate scope of third party logistics operations. With end-to-end data collation there is a much easier determination of potential changes and issues that require attention.

This can include transit times, storage times, tracking accuracy and so on. Having all these elements available and accessible allows third party logistics providers like us to determine a more laser-focused solution to issues with consistency. One only has to look at the Indian market which has seen a rise in 3PL competitors that are leveraging the strengthening IT infrastructure to easily gain access to more reliable data and accessible solutions. Large markets are catching on to the vitality and immeasurable utility of big data for third party logistics.

Strategising With The Right Data

There is quite a lot of data – a lot of data, almost too much data to choose from. And far be it from us to say that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. It’s simply a matter of determining the relevant data that serves the underlying purpose and focusing on that to illicit exponential growth.

Particularly in the framework of third party logistics, where there are a number of moving parts across the end-to-end solution – the determination of what data is useful for the bottom line comes down to the professionals you are using. For us, the most relevant analytics are the ones that are factual, measurable, and applicable without the usual biases that exist in the space.

For instance, data stemming from warehousing facilities can shed an illuminating light on particular processes that require attention and enhancement. Whether it is derived from the packaging times, or simply the packing schedules that can impede a delivery. Using real-time analytics and available data streams that are now freely available with the various platforms at our disposal, we are better able to hone in on the specific areas that could be improved.

BCR, Data, & Third Party Logistics

Not a lot of companies can effectively adapt and adjust to the ever-changing world of third party logistics and supply chain management. We’re proud to say we’ve weathered a fair share of changes in the industry and continue to grow, adapt, and thrive in the new environments. We achieve this through our unending curiosity of innovative technology and its applications for third party logistics, as well as keeping our foundational principles of efficiency and dedication to client satisfaction and convenience.