Logistics managers have a massive task. They support the entire business with regard to 3PL, including import freight, export freight, warehousing and distribution. In today’s post, we highlight some of the many ways in which experienced freight forwarders that are customer focused can work together with their customers to assist them grow.

Choosing a knowledgeable and efficient outsourced 3PL or freight forwarding partner can have a significant positive impact on achieving your supply chain goals if you are aligned appropriately with them. Your freight forwarder is one of the essential parts of your supply chain, ensuring that your sea freight or air freight shipments to or from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide are on time, and that you can deliver your finished products to your customer in a timely and efficient manner. Read on to learn how freight forwarders in Australia can assist you in your growth by solving your critical freight forwarding and logistics challenges.

Meet your committed delivery time

What is worse than your customers not getting their orders in the committed time? In this era of globalisation and competition, where very vast and fast delivery options are available, a few hours delay can steal hundreds of precious customers from you. Some freight forwarders in Australia understand the importance of meeting the commitments their customers have with their end customers. These freight forwarders provide swift and efficient modes of transport as per your requirement and deliver the cargo by your committed dates, thus assisting you to deliver on your customer service promise. By delivering on this promise, you are better able to retain your customers and grow your business with them.

Launch your promotions and sales with confidence

Uncertainty of your inventory delivery time for a promotion or sale can keep you on edge. Your Marketing and Sales functions can make your life difficult, or at least uncomfortable if there is no confidence that the shipments will arrive in time. If you fail to meet your timelines and suffer stock outs, what should have been a successful promotion will turn into obsolete inventory. Your company can lose lots of business because of uncertain delivery timelines. To assist you securing your stock for a specific sales or promotion, customer focused freight forwarders in Australia can predefine your transit time and book sea freight and air freight space in advance for your critical cargo ensuring it makes it on time to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or anywhere in Australia. By doing this, the freight forwarder can give you and your Marketing and Sales team confidence that the stock will be there in time which will contribute to a successful sales promotion and assist with your growth.

Control your overhead costs

Sales is not the only element that contributes to increased profits and business growth. Your profit margin can also be increased by controlling your overhead costs. Detentions / demurrages, unnecessary port congestion charges, high sea freight / air freight and additional freight expenses for unused space are some examples of overhead costs which are being paid by many Australian 3PL and freight managers. The reasons for these increased overheads can vary from shippers not being aware of these charges to freight forwarders not communicating these charges at the time of quoting for sea freight / air freight. It could also be that you were not anticipating anything would go wrong. Whatever may be the reason, it is ideal to work with a freight forwarder that treats you as a partner and shares information on all of these potential overhead increases that you may occur. In addition to sharing information upfront to assist with you planning, customer focused 3PL companies can and assist you with the plan so you can save money and stay within your logistics budget. These lower overhead costs directly impact your business and reducing them can assist your company grow.

Reduce damages

Every damaged piece of sea freight and air freight means lost sales, additional freight charges and manufacturing cost. Damaged shipments also increase your customer’s waiting time and contribute to overall business loss. Experienced freight forwarders in Australia know how to handle your product whether sea freight, air freight or land transportation. This leads to better customer satisfaction and prevents repetitive cost and efforts from damaged shipments, both of which can contribute to your growth.

Speed up your geographical expansion

Australian freight forwarders provide global reach to their customers by delivering, storing and distributing their products worldwide. You can explore new markets for selling or sourcing. You don’t need to incur heavy set-up costs in any of these geographies for your stock to expand or source from new origins. International freight forwarders in Australia also bring additional an advantage in terms of the knowledge of key dynamics of the global market which you can incorporate in your planning. You have the opportunity to freight forwarders’ logistics set-ups to reach these market. Thus assisting you to quickly scale-up and grow your business.

For more than a century, BCR has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics solution with warehousing and transportation, including air freight and sea freight services to and from the major ports including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).