Sea freight is an ideal transportation medium for companies needing to ship bulk cargo and products with non-standard dimensions. Not only does it offer ease of shipping, it also helps logistics solutions managers to keep per product shipping cost low. The major concern logistics managers face with sea freight is the long transit time.

The mismanagement of sea freight services can make the situation even more challenging, increasing transit time and delaying deliveries. So it is important to have an efficiently managed sea freight system. This assists in avoiding delaying factors such as incomplete documentation, cargo detention and unavailability of services. Melbourne sea freight providers offer efficient services as well as continuously refining their systems and processes so that logistics managers can experience smooth shipping and increase their productivity.

Read on to know how sea freight companies in Melbourne are assisting hundreds of logistics managers to meet their delivery timelines.

All the links are in place for faster delivery

In addition to utilising swift sea freight services, timely deliveries of sea freight depend largely on various other transportation modes and services. Unavailability of any of the right resources such as custom clearance partners, transporters and warehousing facility or mismanaging any of these aspects delays your cargo. So, many logistics managers spend a lot of time in aligning these supply chain links to avoid last minute hurdles.

To reduce the level of effort required, Melbourne sea freight providers offer connectivity to all the major ports. They also have multiple associated service providers in their network, to manage linking transportation as well as custom clearance requirements.

Technology-driven systems to keep you ahead of the schedule

Limited vessel availability means logistics managers must plan and perform their sea freight operations proactively. A single day delay can result in missing a booking on a vessel, resulting in delayed cargo dispatch until another becomes available.

To minimise the risks, every process needs to be in place, from cargo planning to documentation and dispatching to customs clearance.

To provide for easy shipping, sea freight companies in Melbourne and other locations in Australia have put all the requirements online, including documentation requirements to vessel schedules, logistics managers can access all the information they need with a single click. This empowers them to speed up the required processes and stick to their plan for delivering goods within committed timeframes.

On-demand value-added services to fulfil customers’ requirements

Generally, all the value-added services are performed inside the domestic warehouses. However, as well as sea freight operations, your cargo may need instant value-added services such as stuffing, de-stuffing, labeling, palletisation, temporary storage or repackaging to fulfil custom compliance. For this, logistics managers require space and expertise that matches their product type.

Sea freight companies in Melbourne and other parts of Australia understand these needs and provide high end, cost-effective bonded warehouses. From temporary storage facilities to expert manpower and material handling equipment, these warehouses are equipped with all the bells and whistles that can save you time and hassles.

Providing skilled workforce with supporting infrastructure

Productivity is directly proportional to skill and infrastructure. A well-equipped infrastructure and skilled manpower helps logistics managers to vastly increase their productivity.

The sea freight industry has seen multiple evolutions and has transformed itself to align with the latest logistics requirements.

For example, sea freight operators in Melbourne have built cold rooms for perishable cargo, recruited skilled labor to handle your products, provide en route tracking, x-ray machines for faster inspections and many other facilities and services. Unlike 10 years ago, where all the processes were manual and time-consuming, today, logistics managers can get faster response and throughput, resulting in better productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Low productivity is not going to work if logistics managers want to fulfill customers’ requirements and be ahead of their competitors. Increased sea freight productivity is achieved through a systematic approach – everything should be in place and efficiently managed. Aligning with a Melbourne sea freight operation will provide comprehensive solutions and support that can supply chain productivity.

As well, associating with these professionals acts as a bridge between you and other links in the supply chain, along with guidance to implement the best strategies so you can gain maximum benefits from the partnership.

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